Sunday, October 21, 2012

Preggy No.2 Updates - Week 16

In a blink of eye (yeah right!), we are at week 16!  My new 'bff' Miss Nausea is still around, but a whole lot less annoying.  I no longer spend that much time looking at the toilet bowl through out the day.  I had to be careful not to forget to eat or take food that disagree with my stomach.  

My recuperating holiday at my parents' home is coming to an end.  We will be returning to our home in a day or two.  And I will resume my usual routine as the cook, cleaner and driver.

I have to thank my DH for his utmost understanding on my long absence from home.  It meant a lot to me and has made my first torturing trimester so much more easier to endure.  And thanks to my parents for taking care of me during my 'off' days.  It felt warm to be home and to be surrounded by things, places and faces familiar to me.  But I am happy to be returning home again.

After being away from home for almost 2 months, I have lined up an agenda to keep me occupied once we are back.  A trip to my obgyn, hair salon, a treatment at the facial salon and several trips to the mall to get some new clothes to 'upgrade' and 'upsize' my wardrobe.

The next time I post, I hope I will be able to share my experience of feeling the first kick of baby no.2!

Till then, stay healthy and blessed!