Monday, February 28, 2011

Take It Out Mama

“Take out… Mama…take out”

No… not my clothes. But my glasses. Isabelle has developed a strong rejection against my glasses. Each time I put on my glasses to watch the tv or do something, she wants me to take it down immediately. I tried all ways to distract her but no won’t do. And no, it is not because she wants to toy with it but she just refuse to let me to put it on.

My sister-in-law said she is unmistakably a fashionita baby. Well, I think glasses does look fashionable too, don't they?

*picture sourced from google search

Okay, that’s all for now. And let’s hope Isabelle will try to accommodate to me needs towards my pair of faithful glasses. Hope you have a good week ahead! God bless.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

How Could I?

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I am still in disbelief that I actually forgot to give Isabelle her last feed of milk before she went to bed last night! After 22 months, I actually forgot the most important part of baby care! I am no one but a forgetful and bad mom!

She didn't fuss but it did took her longer than usual to fall asleep. I was wondering why and only realised this around midnight when I was cleaning up the kitchen. Then I saw the bottles and it struck me that I forgot about her last feed of milk!! My poor little one was hungry due to my forgetfulness. I actually let my baby went to bed for 8 hours with an empty stomach. I didn't what got into me last night. Sigh.

Bad Bad Bad!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Our CNY Agenda

*This is a backdated post. I have meant to post and share this earlier but I did not have my camera cable with me during the past 2 weeks, thus, I could not download the photos. And I want my posts to be accompanied by relevant pictures whenever possible*

The first few days of the CNY was spent either visiting relatives or just sit at home waiting for relatives to drop by. Apart from that, yes, we had all the valid reason to be couch potatoes all day long accompanied by all the sinfully delicious cookies and feeling guilty NOT at all.

3rd day of CNY, we did our yearly CNY Penang trip. First stop was lunch at Gurney Drive's Soong River Restaurant. I have been longing and passionately craving for its Oyster Noodles since last year but apparently, when we arrive, all oysters have been sold out and it was only 12.30pm! We had to settle with other dishes which was nevertheless tasty. Thumbs up for northern food.

Picture taken when we were waiting for our lunch at Song River Restaurant


At Penang Queensbay Mall - Isabelle with a little boy at the Customer Service Counter

Visited Dad's friend in Penang and then, another seafood rendezvouz at Bukit Tambun before we head home! Yummy!! This time we patronised Dad's friend's restaurant. I can't remember the name of the restaurant although I have been there couple of times. Ordered 5 seafood dishes for RM99.00 which was reasonable for CNY. DH get to order his favourite fresh oyster at RM4.50 per oyster. Fresh, plump and juicy. He slurped it down happily and is a jolly joyful daddy! I can't imagine how a raw oyster would taste like and would never try it although he tried to convince me to try them. But it makes me happy to see him happy with his oysters!

H'ordeuvres for DH

Come 5th day of the CNY, it was the once a year get-together for me and my 4 classmates. A gathering we all have been waiting for since it was well, only once a year. The 4 of us, scattered around the country and LL hailed home from Singapore. It is heartwarming to get to gather with old friends and to see faces we are all familiar with. It brings back very nostalgic feeling. This year, again, we had potluck party in Grace's home. I was requested to cook my San Pei Ji. Grace, the host, made soup, steamed fish, meat spring roll (bak kien) and fried vegetables. It was fun to see each other and celebrate our friendship of almost 25 years, our spouses get to know each other and our kids play together. I am already looking forward to our gathering next year even before I left Grace's home.

CNY Must Have - Lou Sang

Highlight of the party - Food! (my San Bei Ji in the white Corningware pot)

Besides the tasty cookies, the foodhunt, going places, meeting friends & relatives, giving & receiving angpows, it is an appropriate time to ponder upon God's blessings and to remind ourselves to be grateful for all the things we often take for granted. And most of the time, the best things in life comes free and is always there surrounding us, love. What is there to celebrate if we are without L.O.V.E.?

And with that, here's wishing you and your loved one a year of good health and love. God Bless :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pets Today, Dinner Tomorrow

Looking at how fast the chicks grow is a reality check on how time really flies! They were so fragile and tiny 3 months ago. Today, a hen, a rooster and a duck, and ready to be our dinner, soon, tomorrow actually. My parents decided to send the rooster to heaven first so that the other 2 can live the last days of their lives on earth peacefully because he is a big bully.

They have been not only pets aka toys but pretty ornaments in my parents’ garden. Not forgetting, great companion to my mom when she does her gardening, for the past 3 months. And because our kitchen window faces the garden where the chicken and duck roams freely, it is always fun to watch them while we do the dishes or cook. It feels heavy to see them ending up on our dinner plates. But a chicken has got to do what a chicken does.

Thank you for your chicky companionship and your 6am crows will be missed, honestly.

Then... tiny duckling

Then... little chick

Now... a hen, rooster and a duck

Tomorrow... dinner
*picture sourced from google search

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dreamy ABC

It is 2.30am when I documented this. Why? Because when I was about to shut down my laptop for the day/morning and let it rest as it has worked hard for me the whole of today, I heard my little Isabelle, sleeping right beside me on the bed, singing, at 2.30am . :)

She sang ABC in her dreams. I wished I recorded it because it was just so adorable and I know it would be amusing at the same, heart-melting to replay & listen to it over and over again.

I should call it a day now. Maybe she will sing again. :)

Good night and sweet dreams!

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Monday, February 14, 2011

What Are You Doing For Valentine's Day?

How are you celebrating this Valentine’s Day? A romantic dinner for two? Roses? Chocolates?

This year’s Valentine’s Day spells SOLO for me and my DH. I am filled up with guilt that I caused both of us to spend this day away from each other. The bright side of this is, I am spending it with Isabelle and my beloved parents. Happy Valentine's Day my dear Mummy and Daddy!

*picture sourced from google search

"Thanks DH, for being understanding and forgiving. Valentine’s Day means so much lesser not having to spend it with you but every day is a Valentine’s Day for me. Our love deserved to be celebrated every single day and not just today. Thank you for loving me and I am so very glad we found each other. Happy Valentine’s Day my darling and I LOVE you, each and every day!"

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your loved ones. Wishing you a day filled with extra love and blissfulness.

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Grandpa's Little Helper

It was quite a monotonous quiet Sunday, with nowhere to go, nothing much to watch on TV and my little one growing bored with her toys. I decided to let Isabelle play outside with her chicks (now adult chicken and duck) and make the most out of the beautiful garden my parents kept so well. After a few rounds of chasing after her and me, managed to burn some calories, I found something else to keep her occupied, help Dad to wash car. Less chasing, a piece of cloth and cool water equals magic. And we have a happy Grandpa, a very delighted toddler and a extremely pleased Mummy!

What do you do with your little one(s) when you run out of ideas?

Saturday, February 12, 2011

CNY 2011 - The First Day of Rabbit Year

Our new year started with a reunion dinner on the new year's eve evening at my in-laws' home. This year, I cooked 2 dishes (will share the recipe in my future posts) and the rest was ordered from restaurant. With a super active toddler around, we find it more comfortable and definitely less hectic to eat at home than eating out in packed restaurant (current trend for CNY reunion dinners). And I am glad everyone enjoyed the food and specially my dishes, that alone is a good start for a new year.

On the first day of new year, we went to our in-laws' home and then adjourned to DH's aunt's home for vegetarian brunch. Isabelle had a blast collecting angpows. :)

After lunch, we hit the highway to return to my parents' place. And as expected, heavy traffic awaits us. This year, it took us 5 long hours when it usually takes only 3 hours. But Isabelle was very pleasant, cooperative and did not fuss even a bit throughout the journey. It was us who got frustrated with the hot weather and endless traffic.

*picture sourced from google search

We head straight to Grandma's home upon arrival because it was dinner time and our poor stomachs have been starving for a good 5 hours. Dinner was ready when we stepped in. I did not waste a moment to start feasting on the popiah and mee-suah with porkribs & pork stomach soup topped with fresh coriander, spring onion, crispy fried shallots and hard boiled egg (I am drooling just thinking about it now). My Grandma's popiah is the best I have tasted in my whole life. The secret and special condiments we add to our popiah is a type of fried seaweed flown in from China (not available locally). It is sort of like our family's 'secret recipe' and is truly one of a kind.


*picture sourced from google search

All my uncles, aunts and nephews were also back from the city for the new year. It is warm to gather under one roof, to catch up with each other's life stories, to feast and put on weight together :). Although we live in the same city but we really only get to meet when we are back in our hometown.

And above all that, it is just really wonderful to be home safely, CNY or no CNY, be it 3 hours or 5 hours drive. Most of all, thank you my dear DH for tolerating the tiring 5 hours drive so that I can be with my family ! :)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Progress of Our 21 month old Isabelle

Isabelle never fail to amaze us with what she can say or do from time to time. She can now pronounce her own name (mastered it many weeks ago although not very accurate) and I forgot to blog about (Mommy is getting very forgetful). Here's an update of what she learn recently (for our own record) and

Short Sentence/General Words/People/Objects etc

Isabelle ~ Ah Bee Selle (tried correcting her countless times but to no avail and we have decided to let it be)

No More Lights ~ Mo More lights

Put here

Come down

Go there

Zhou Kai ~ Move away (in Mandarin)

Ji Lai ~ Stand up (in Mandarin)

I Dont Want ~ I Doe Nut

Give Me ~ Gimme

Bye Bye < ..person / name.. >

Where is < ..person / object.. >


Coconut ~ Co coat Nut


Music ~ Mee Seek

Pai Pai Shou ~ Clap hands (in Mandarin)

WOW ~ she wows at things that she finds interesting and yummy (for food)

Faster ~ Phas-ta


Rabbit ~ Air-Bit

Piano ~ Phan No

Music/Songs (Able to sing part of the song & hum the tune of the whole song)

ABC Song ~ A, B, C, D, E, F, G, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, Dha-ba-u, X, Y, Z, Now I know my abc, Sing with me

Ke Ren Lai (Mandarin song) ~ Ke ren lai, XXX, Ba Ba Bu Zai Jia, bo jing ke ren xian zou xia, jai jing ee pei cha

Jingle Bell ~ Jing-ger bao, jing-ger bao... hey!

* My pinyin would most probably be inaccurate due to my poor Mandarin *

Physical activities

Self feed with spoon and fork (with very little mess)

Drinking from cup with little or no spilling

Emerging habits of being clean & tidy freak

· * * Bringing her own clothes to put into the laundry basket

Pi* Picking up rubbish from the floor and soiled diapers to throw into dustbin (usually without being told to do so)

· * * Flatten out wrinkle looking surfaces i.e. bed sheets and floor mats

Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy Blessed New Year!

Wishing all of you who are celebrating the Lunar New Year, Xin Nian Mong En!

Looking forward to share our new year stories soonest possible!

Meanwhile, here's wishing you and loved ones a happy and healthy new year. May the year of Rabbit bring you lots of joy, blessings and all things beautiful.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

CNY Shopping Accomplished!

Although this is not a necessity, but I am very happy that finally, everyone has something new to wear to usher in the new year. Neither are we superstitious because we even wore black outfits for new year which is a taboo to some Chinese tradition. But because DH is a thrifty person when it comes to himself, I made it a point to him that he MUST get at least a shirt a year, for the new year. And for Isabelle, it is only natural we want to doll her up in pretty clothes all year long this new year as she will surely going to be the centre of attention.

We usually start scouting for new clothes about 2-3 weeks prior to new year. But this year, wedid the not-so-norm. We went to The Gardens this evening to finish up our assignment. And it was so relaxing because the usual crowd at the mall was nowhere to be seen. It feels so spacious and free! Probably most of the people from the city have already started the yearly pilgrimage back to their beloved hometowns. I even joked with DH that maybe it would be wiser to do it this way for the years to come, last minute shopping.

As in why I chose The Gardens was because I missed out on Zara’s sales which carries a range of pretty and sophisticated collection of kids’ apparels. And my alternate resort was to head to Isetan in The Gardens which I know I can find something I would like. And thank God, I found Trudy & Teddy. I will share the photos of my little princess in the pretty dresses soon! But I am still thinking dearly of Zara Kids. I must not miss the next sales again.

One of the dresses from Zara kids which got me drooling and still drooling

*Picture sourced from

DH got himself an shirt in ash grey tone and a pair of classis blue jeans from Marks & Spencer. Handsome!

As for me, I managed to grab a simple top from Dorothy Perkins in dark mocha last 2 weeks (yeah, I am a coward because I dare not wait to hunt for my clothes too near to the new year). Photos coming up soon!

And our last minute shopping rendezvous ended with a ribsy note. We had our dinner at Tony Romas (unfortunately, their famous pork ribs are not in our local menu - for religious reasons). I am not a big fan of the ribs here so I opted for the pacific cod steak, pan seared sesame crusted served with rice and lots of greens. The captain suggested I try their scampi butter so did I. But the butter looked like a bowl of greasy oily heart attack causing cooking oil. I just left it untouched. The fish was juicy and tender. DH had Rib Combo Dinner (2 ribs and a stick of char-grilled giant shrimps). I love the succulent shrimps! Isabelle had her porridge I brought from home and stole some of our food. (Sorry, didn't capture any photos because the food was served very quickly and we gobbled them down very quickly too because we were very hungry)

Well, that was our first time last minute shopping story. And, here is wishing you and loved ones a happy, healthy, joyful and harmonious year of Rabbit!