Friday, June 25, 2010

Sweet Peeesss from my little precious

"Peeeesssss... Peeeessshh..."

That was Isabelle's 'please' version. It sounded so cute and adorable.

She blurted it out after I said "please" to her, when I was feeding her biscuits for her teatime snack this afternoon. I had no expectation at all for her follow after me. But she did!

Hopefully, next time she does it, we will be able to capture it on video :)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Hubby, the Great Dad!

My DH is a fun and loving dad apart from being a great husband and a best friend.

When Isabelle reached 4 months old, she can no longer sleep peacefully in her crib. She toss & turn a zillion times and 360 degrees. she will bump onto the sides and that wakes her up easily. So DH, sacrificed his precious side of the bed for Isabelle so she can sleep next to me. DH took over the floor on a mattress. Thank God the mattress is a comfortable one. Sometimes, when I wake up in middle of the night, I would look at DH and it breaks my heart to see him sleeping (soundly) on the floor and I wish silently that Isabelle would grow up fast so that she can sleep in her own bed and dearest Daddy can sleep next to Mummy again, on the bed.

DH also forego his passion, badminton, during weekends and weeknights now that Isabelle is around. Thank God for the flexibility of his working hours, DH would be home in time to bring Isabelle for some waddling in the pool.

Despite a long day at work, DH would return home and walk into the door with a wide smile. Not only that, he would help me handwash Isabelle's cloth diaper & napkin every day. Isn't that lovely and thoughtful? If I am a working mom, I would be dead tired at the end of the day and maybe I would be even too tired to clean up myself, let alone handwash those baby stuffs.

Most of all, DH encouraged me to quit my job so that I can be at home with Isabelle. That is best full time job one can ever imagine. But with single income due to me being an official sahm, DH would need to work extra hard to feed us :) Bravo DH!!! I am proud of your achievements.

DH, if I never tell you this or maybe I don't get to tell you this often enough... You are a great Dad and a wonderful husband. I m glad you found me (or the other way round) and I am blessed you are mine.

I love you Dear!

Here's a prayer for you:

Dear Lord,
Thank you for putting both of us together. Thank you Lord for sending me a wonderful husband and for blessing our life with all that we need. Please bless my DH with good health and bless him with Your wisdom to be a father You want him to be. May Your presence fill his journey of fatherhood and grow that same heart in him for his children. Give him the skill of communication with his children and may he delight his children and bring them up in Your way. In Jesus' name. Amen.

The father of the righteous will greatly rejoice, and he who begets a wise child will delight in him ~ Proverbs 23:24

The Day I Became a Mom

After posting about my Ma and Mother's Day last night, I figured out that maybe I should blog about my own birth day. Yes, the day I gave birth to Isabelle.

Doctor has estimated that my baby should be due on 8 May 2009. And also reminded me that because I had high sugar in my blood (borderline of gestational diabetes), baby has to be out latest on my EDD.

I return to my parents home where I will spend my confinement month sometime in April, almost a month before my EDD. Reason was so that if baby wanted to come out earlier, I am already safe in Taiping. We prefer to be prepared in advance. DH traveled back to Taiping to be with me almost every weekend then. Every single day, when we call each other, the default question was "How ar, baby want to come out already ar? Any sign ar?"

Counted days and moments and each time I go to toilet, I would be watching out for labour signs. Being a first time expecting mother, I really had no slight idea what does 'show' look like or how would water bag broke would feel like.

DH had already plan to drive back to Taiping on 7 May, should there be no sign before that and to keep the risk afar, we will have to induce this mummy here by 8 May.

7 May 2009 (Thursday).
Church prayer meeting at 8pm. I was getting ready and went to answer nature call before leaving home for church. SURPRISE! There was a small patch of brownish reddish stuff on my underpants. Paused. I did not immediately realise that was 'show', sign of labour has begin. I had doubts though. But I quickly put my pants back on and get Ma to my room. Showed her the 'evidence'. She paused for a moment and said 'YOUR BABY IS READY TO COME OUT!" I was like, "Oh dear, THIS IS IT. BABY IS AROUND THE CORNER".

I quickly called up the medical centre and was asked to go for a check up. Reached the medical centre within the next 20 minutes. Dad called DH many times, to rush him to drive back that very night. I think Dad was more kancheong (anxious) than any of us.

Doctor arrived and examined me. I was only dilated by 2cm. Oh boy... 10cm is going to take a long while.

Doc: OK. You need to overnight here for observation.

Me: But, I have not shower and do all that I needed to do. Can I go home to shower?

Doc: Shower here la... we have everything here.

Me: I need to wash and blowdry my hair. You guys provide hairdryer?

Doc: Err... psssttt... (asking midwife standing next to him). Got hairdryer ar?

Nurse: No la doctor.

Doc: Ok.. then you go home, shower and make sure you check back in here by 11pm.

It was a relief. I can't imagine taking my last shower before baby comes in the hospital. I want it to be as luxury as it can get. Pre-baby reward for myself. Silently, I was also delighted because atleast going home, I can sneak an episode of my favourite series then before going back to the hospital.

After shower, DH arrived safely from PJ. I told DH, maybe I can sleep at home tonight and go back to hospital tomorrow morning or when I feel my contraction. DH shook his head. So, off we go... back to the hospital. Changed and midwife shooed me off to bed. After a few minutes, doctor made a surprise appearance and when he saw me, he look at his watch. "Did you just came in? It is 12am. You were supposed to come back here by 11pm. So, are you happy now, after your shower at home? Ready for the long night ahead?" I looked at him, stunned, maybe he could see a neon 'TERRIFIED' blinking on my forehead. Then he said "Dont worry. You will be fine and your baby will most probably come tomorrow. Ok. Sleep tight."

That night was the longest night in my entire life. The presence of a pregnant lady next bed in the observation ward, didn't make it any easier. She was groaning and exclaiming every 2-3 minutes "adui... sakit... adui.. sakit... tolong...." It freaked me out and dawned on me, what am I getting myself into.

I didn't get much sleep which I needed, knowing that the next day is a big day. Mild contraction at the stroke of midnight. But I survived the sleepless night. Anyway, at 5am, doctor came in again and wanted to check my progress. I dreaded the VE. I was only 3 or 4 cm dilated at 5am. Doctor advised that because of my slow progress, I'd be better to induced via pill so that it will help speed up my dilation. After the insertion of the magic pill, the contraction kinda started within the next 30 mins. DH came back to the hospital as early as 6.30am. Poor DH, he didn't sleep well either. He was both excited and worried about me being in the hospital all alone. I have never been in a hospital.

8 May 2009 (Friday)
At 8am, Ma and Mrs Chang, a close church friend came to visit me at the observation ward. I was in great pain, the contraction was getting to me. I cried. Yah, I am a cry baby. Mrs Chang offered to pray for me. When I heard the prayer, I cried harder.

After that, they left and I went to take my shower and the nurse came to help clean me up. Then I was lead to the labour room. I was about 5cm dilated after the torturous VE. I asked for epidural. Midwife told me anesthetist will only be available after 9.30am. SHOOT. I had to endure the pain. But, what the heck. If I can endure the contraction from 12am, I can endure a little bit longer.

Got the long waited epidural. But, the epidural somehow did not work 100%. I still feel the intense contraction on one side of my back. Doctor checked me again and I was 6cm dilated by 12pm. But I was crying due to the pain. And my tolerance towards pain is almost near to zero. Doctor told me that I can either redo the epidural OR opt for C-sec which he does not recommend because I have came this far to 6cm and that I should hang in there. The moment I heard that I might need to settle for C-sec, I cried more and when I turn to DH, I saw him wiping away his tears. I was disappointed, tired, in pain & lost. While I was still thinking, Doctor decided for me that I should persevere, no need to re-do my epidural and with additional of entonox straight in my face. I survived till 3.10pm with DH by my side. I did it. 10cm finally!!! Midwife checked and her face lit up! She was literally on top of her voice:

Nurse: Hey, Mummy. You are 10cm dilated. It is time to push. Your baby is almost here!!!
Me: *drowsy from the entonox* I can't push. I am very sleepy. I am very very sleepy and tired.
Nurse: No.. No... You need to push. I will teach you.
Me: But, I am really tired.
Nurse: *Rushed over with a chilled towel and slap it on my forehead and face*
Me: *Wide awake already* Okay... push now ar???

After few pushes, Doctor had to use forcep. After just a quick few minutes, our bundle of joy emerged finally! DH cried when he saw Isabelle. I, for sure, in tears.

She was perfect. She was lovely. She was soft and gentle. She was so fragile and she was everything we ever dreamed of. She is ours and she is REAL!

This is the moment we have been waiting for full 10 months. It felt real now, so real. Even putting all the memories down in words now after a year, it still feel so overwhelming.

Heard Isabelle wailing for the first time. The feeling was unbelievable. Now, all the stories from other mummies about 'when you see your baby, you will forget about the pain and sweat' are all coming true.

Ma, Papa and Granny came into the labour room after Doctor was done with his job and I was changed. Everyone was emotional and excited and happy and feeling on top of the world. I for one, in state of disbelief, still. But happy. :)

That marks the beginning of another interesting & colorful chapter of our lives. And I know I owe my birthday(s) to my Mom because of her pain & tears, I am here today.

Welcome to the world Isabelle (belated welcome, that is).

Baby Isabelle * 2 days old (left)

Happy Belated Mother's Day

I did not get to blog this on actual Mother's Day as l only started to fill up Pinkbibs way after Mother's Day.

This is Ma's 2nd Mother's Day as a grandmother. Her first Mother's Day last year must have been the most extravagant and meaningful event of her life. Because Isabelle was born 2 days before Mother's Day. I remember when she, Papa and Granny came into the labour room to visit me, I hugged her almost immediately and wished her and told her "Ma, this is your Mother's Day gift". And of course, tears of joy were rock & rolling down everyone's eyes.

Now that I am a mommy myself, this occasion and the greetings of 'Happy Mother's Day' means a whole lot more to me. 'Mother' is not just a title anymore. It is a RESPONSIBILITY and GIFT. Sounds heavy? Maybe. But, it is a privilege and its rewards is incredible. I know that now.

Ma used to work become she became a SAHM. Granny & Grandpa took care of me & my brother while she goes out to work. When she is out to work, I would flip and flip our photo albums and spend the day looking at Ma's photos. (That particular album is still around, but in very worn condition. Ma would tell friends and guests who comes over that I flipped it over zillion times when I was little because I miss her when she was out to work. I guess she is proud of that). When it is about her off duty hour, I would sit at the staircase to wait for her return. But I remember when she quit her job, we were the happiest children on earth. Ma would read us stories in the afternoon before we doze off for our afternoon nap. And I remember Ma would send me breakfast in school during recess time. My utmost favourite breakfast... chee cheong fun (which I posted earlier). Although that is almost 3 decades ago, it still feel like yesterday.

When I turn 18, Ma bought me a big set of skincare. She told me that she did not have this luxury when she was my age and want me to have what she did not have. How more thoughtful can Ma be.

I now understand the level of sacrifice of a Mother. It is so beyond words and a Mother would give her everything and anything that she can to her child. She would put herself second or last, but never before her child. Ma, thank you for being all the above for me.

I thank God for you. I thank God for showing me how great a Mother's love can be and I pray that God will bless you with all that you need for the rest of your journey in motherhood. I also thank God that I now know and will experience what you have been through, and that is the only way to truly understand a mother's sacrifice. Thank you Ma for always giving me your best and may God spare us many more Mother's Day that we can spend together. Happy Belated Mother's Day Ma!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

SAHM Gathering

Me and another SAHM, Jenny (whom I got to know from Babycentre Malaysia) co-started the SAHM forum. After a few months, our forum managed to fetch 13 sahm members! Not bad although more would be merrier.

We bumped into each other few weeks ago in a nearby mall. That gave me an idea that maybe it'd be fun to organise a get-together for our members to meet face-to-face and our babies can also have some playtime.

After some planning and scouting for venue, we decided to meet at San Francisco Steakhouse since only 3 of us confirmed attendance and our initial plan to meet at Gymboree had to be called off. Next time hopefully, when we have a bigger party.

Jenny, Lyn and I met at the outlet in Tropicana City Mall. We were scheduled to meet sometime between 1.30pm-2.00pm. However, Isabelle woke up only at 1.45pm from her late morning nap. When I arrived, Jenny and Lyn were already there. So sorry ladies to have kept you both waited.

And... it actually rained earlier that morning. It got me worried that I would not be able to walk over mall to the if the rain continues to pour. Lyn and Jenny both were very kind to offer to give me a ride. Thank you ladies for the thoughtfulness. God heard my worries and the rain stopped before noon.

It was a short gathering as we all needed to attend to our babies' needs... i.e. sleepy, hungry, thirsty, bored, wee wee, etc. But I enjoyed the session. And most of all, both mummies were very friendly and warm, and I believe we all had a fun time.

Ben is such a good boy with his unforgettably dreamy and captivating eyes! Jude who is just a day younger than Isabelle is a kind looking and angelic little boy. Manfred, the Kor Kor is definitely a handsome young man. Mummy Lyn told me that I am the 2nd person who thinks he is handsome and himself being the first who thought so. HAHA! Well, Manfred, you are absolutely right about yourself. Isabelle was the only rose among the thorns. Now talk about 'choices'.... LOL

Unfortunately, I left home in a hurry and forgot to bring along my faithful camera. Hopefully, next round, I will remember and also more mummies from the forum will be able to join in.

Such a short & sweet get together. I now look forward to our next gathering soon.

Cheers Mummies!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Papa's Day!

Whenever I wonder how God's love would really look & feel like in real, my Papa comes into mind. He is a man of little words, not very expressive but is filled with love beyond description.

He used to send and fetch me from school in the little motorcycle. I love those rides and at times, I do prefer that to car rides.

Our life then was not as 'adequate' then. But life was joyful and contented. He left the car for Mom to use while he uses his faithful motorbike, so that Mom can use the car to run errands and chauffeur me and my siblings around. One day, after he left home for work but return within the next few minutes. Papa fell off the bike at the corner down the hill. I broke into tears. Papa in return had to console me.

Papa taught us many valuable lessons and ways of life. He is a great living testimony for God and I remember a church friend told us this "If you are looking for a good role model, your Dad is the right person to look up to". I was so proud to hear that.

I will always remember Papa for his wisdom, patience, honesty, sincerity, kindness and his love for God.

Everyday I ask God to bless Papa with many more healthy years so that I will have more chances to repay Papa's love for me. And I am thankful that God has blessed him abundantly that he can now enjoy the fruits of his hard labor and give his best to God, and us :)

Papa, thank you for everything. I will be always be your little girl and I am proud to be your daughter. Happy Father's Day Papa & I love you.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Good Bosses Doesn't Come By Twice

Daydreaming, reminiscing old memories in my head, playing some crazy games on my mobile are the few things I could afford to do while I sit in bed, next to Isabelle while she toss & turn for millions of times before she falls asleep.

Option for today : reminiscing old memories.

Memories took me back to my happy days in 'M' where I encountered many wonderful people & great working experience (which I sadly believe, wont happen again).

Lunchtime with bosses are one of the things I dreaded most. Surprisingly, I actually enjoy having my boss (then) tagging along. It is no doubt that being the person at the top, does make some people feel timid but not him. He is outgoing, warm and does not talk about work during lunch. And he makes everyone in the lunch gang feel at ease. He likes to talk about his family, pets, food and show a great amount of interest in everyone who is present.

Time passes by and after 2 blissful years, one morning before our weekly conference call with the rest of the team across Asia Pacific, he called me into his office, asked me to close the door. It didn't sound an ounce funny as being in Compensation & Benefits division, we do discuss most of the confidential matters behind closed doors.

Boss: I need you to know this and be the first to know. (suspense)

Me: O.... Kay....

Boss: I am leaving. Leaving M.

Me: PAUSE (in disbelief) You are kidding, right?

Boss: No.. not kidding.

Me: (in silence and bigger disbelief. devastated. imagining my world falling apart)

Boss: I will be here till end of August but don't worry, I will work things out for you before I go.

Me: (still in silence and almost in tears)

Boss: Are you alright? Do you want to take some time off? Maybe you want to take today off?

Me: No, I am ok but I need to digest this. It is almost 11am and we should get the conference call started. The team must be waiting for us.

Boss: I will be announcing to the team in the call too.

Me: Oh boy. You are going to ruin their days like you ruined mine.

Both: Sigh.

After the shocking yet gloomy conference call, we went for lunch. Didn't exchange much word as I was still trying to digest the truth.

I was upset the whole day and I remember I stopped talking to him for a few days except when I really needed to. Otherwise, emails. LOL. DH (was my boyfriend then) was shocked and shared my disapointment because he knows too he is one of the bosses that I truly enjoy working with.

For his farewell, we compiled a series of photographs of him and the team throughout his service with the company. Each one of us wrote a message for him. I presented to him during his last conference call with the team via netmeeting so that everyone else could see. (with a classic timeless song as background) Will not forget his astonished look. I swear I saw him in tears. HOORAY! All the hardwork preparing the slide was paid off.

The rest is history. But I will remember him for:

1. ... being a professional, tactful, kind & fun boss, always.
2. ... self invited himself and his lovely wife all the way to my wedding in Taiping in 2006.
3. ... organised a surprise birthday lunch & big piece of delicious cake for me
4. ... arranged for me to have a free mobile phone to use when I lost mine to a cruel snatch thief
5. ... fought for my permanent position in the Company as I joined as a contractual staff
6. ... wrote me a very long testimonial and it still makes me want to cry everytime I read it

So, what more could one ask for in a boss? Simply none.

And will I ever be fortunate enough to bump into anyone like that ever again if I return to workforce? Very unlikely.

I only wish I had the chance to work alongside him longer.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

First trim and a disaster

My first attempt to trim Isabelle's fringe didn't went very well. Too short. It looks like an upside down bowl on her forehead. I thought I could save a few ringgit from sending her to salon for that few snips. Now, I know sometimes, paying the money can do more good than bad and it keeps regrets at bay. It proves that there is a first time for everything and the first time could turn into such disaster. I should have known.

Lesson learnt. If I ever dare to try again, it'll be just 0.01mm each time. Or we will stroll down to the nearest salon.

Comfort for myself... it is okay Mummy, it will grow back in no time. :)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Her First 5 steps!

She took her first 5 steps today at precisely 6.45pm! First 5 steps without holding onto any furniture. Way to go Isabelle! Another milestone :)

When we hear parents telling stories of their babies taking the first steps and going oooh and aaah about it, we could not understand the fuss. Little did we know, it does really mean a whole lot. Today, we found out.

She walk towards me, into my arms in quick 5 steps. It caught me in awe and tears. What an emotional moment. This also marks the beginning of her independence. She will need us less and less as she get to do more things on her own. But that is alright. Being here for her is simply pure joy.

We look forward to many more wonderful milestones and everyday is just full of delightful surprises.

Cleanaholic or therapy?

I cannot sit and relax when I know the dishes are still lying pitifully in the sink. Or when I know the clothes on the line in my drying yard is waiting to be collected, folded and kept. Or.. when I remember that the bathroom's wall is bejewelled with grimes and water stains from last week that I need to scrub off almost immediately.

No, I am not a spic & span freak neither am I a cleanaholic. But being in a clean and calm home, minus the mess and clutter is a luxury to me. And I won't be able to be in peace of mind until I know for sure I have done what I should do.

It has been my habit (even more so now with a toddler around) to sweep the floor before I retire to bed every night. And on the next morning, I will start the day by giving the floor a good going over *again* if I manage to rise before Isabelle does.

DH always seem puzzled that I often go to bed pass my bedtime or how is it that I always have something to do around the house. I had to explain to him repeatedly that not only I cannot go to bed knowing things are done and in place. It is also important that I know that the home is clean and safe for Isabelle to play and roam freely the moment she wakes up the next morning.

With a medium sized basket in the hall, I can conveniently chuck in all Isabelle's toys whenever she is done playing. A sight of toys (or anything else) scattered around the floor is not one of my favourite things. Period.

However, that does not mean I put my preference of having a tidy home on top of Isabelle and my precious family. They still come first and I do not give my 2nd best when it comes to them.

Having a system in all that I do also somehow helps in someway. But I do always remind myself that I cannot naively, selfishly or stubbornly expect the rest to follow my way.

It is not easy to keep the place clean and in order when there is more than just me living here. A one year old happy toddler, my DH and my DS. They do help out once a week. DH takes up few smaller daily chores to help lighten my burden on housework. I try to be reasonable as much as I could. The key here is to be as organised as possible so that I don't drive myself up the wall. Not forgetting, to be as forgiving as I can.

So there... I believe I am not a cleanaholic but am not a slob either.

Her Lullaby - What A Friend We Have in Jesus

DH successfully lulled Isabelle to bed tonight. And that was because I reminded him to hum her favourite lullaby. ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ Nevertheless, good job my DH :) And yes, her lullaby is the soothing and peaceful old hymn 'What A Friend We Have In Jesus'.

When my confinement nanny went home at the end of her employment, I knew I had to think of a lullaby and instantly, this song emerged in my mind and today, it has been a year and a month since I started to sing this song 3 times a day, sometimes 4. And I am not complaining.

My late grandmother loved this hymn. Vivid, lovely and very warm memories of her came into my mind almost each time I sing this song. And each time I think of her, I miss her and wish so hard that she is still around. I hope I will be able to blog about her soon.

And to Isabelle, this song never fails to lead her into dreamland.

Good night & happy dreams, my little baby.

Monday, June 7, 2010

And you thought YOUR 2-year-old behaved badly…

Received the following from a friend and thought is a disturbingly interesting article to share. Tsk Tsk.. that is all I can say about this little boy's paretns.

And you thought YOUR 2-year-old behaved badly…

Tar baby ... naughty Ardi Rizal takes a deep drag on his cigarette
Tar baby ... naughty Ardi Rizal
takes a deep drag on his cig

Little trucker ... Ardi, two, blows smoke on toy
Little trucker ... Ardi Rizal, two, blows smoke on toy

Gun smoke ... Ardi puffs while toting toy pistol
Gun smoke ... Ardi Rizal puffs while toting toy pistol

THESE are the first shocking pictures of smoking toddler Ardi Rizal - who throws tantrums if he can't puff 40 cigs a day.

The Sun told on Saturday how the two-year-old got hooked after dad Mohammed gave him a fag at 18 months.

Now he weighs 4st and trundles round on a toy truck blowing smoke rings - too unfit to run with other kids.

Mum Diana, 26, wept: "He's totally addicted. If he doesn't get cigarettes, he gets angry and screams and batters his head against the wall. He tells me he feels dizzy and sick."

No kidding ... 4st toddler Ardi Rizal is too unfit to run round with pals
No kidding ... 4st toddler Ardi Rizal
is too unfit to run round with pals

Ardi will smoke only one brand and his habit costs his parents £3.78 a day in Musi Banyuasin, Indonesia.

Officials have offered to buy the family a car if he quits.

But fishmonger Mohammed, 30, said: "He looks pretty healthy to me. I don't see the problem."

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Dear Isabelle With Love

Stumbled upon an interesting and heartwarming magazine article during my recent pampering session at a hair salon.

Thought maybe I could come up with something similar. Here is my version.

"Dear Isabelle,

Carrying you in my tummy was... the most thrilling and exciting 9 months of my entire life.

Before you arrive... Daddy & I took a bet whether you are going to inherit Daddy's nose or Mummy's thick earlobe. Well, you had both. So we are all winners and no losers!

When you arrive... I was so amazed of God's miracle creation & that I carried a full term 3.65kg little bundle of joy successfully. For once, I was really proud of myself.

The first time I heard you cried in the labour room... I cried.

The first time I carried you in my arms... I was in awe and I was just so overwhelmed. Most of all, I never thought I could love someone I have just met for few minutes this much (DH: If you are reading this, please remember that I love you too)

Your presence made... me want to do everything better & right.

Having you around... surely made me busier at home but I am loving every minute of it.

When I changed your first soiled diaper... discovered that your 'output' wasn't as bad as I had imagine. Another bravo for Mummy.

When you grow up... I hope you had a blast & enjoyed your childhood days.

When I watch you smile in your sleep... I thank God.

If you ever fail in anything that you do... do not be discouraged as long as you tried your very best and that Mummy will always be here for you, that is my promise.

Do not EVER date a guy who... smokes, has zero sense of humor, cannot even cook you a bowl of simple Maggi and who waits for you in the car while you dress up for your date.

Date a guy who... makes you laugh, cooks and someone who gives you 9.5 apples out of the 10 that he has.

I wish you... to grow up to be a joyful and God fearing lady. No matter what you do in life, do it sincerely and live life with no regrets.

Thank you my little baby for you have taught me... to appreciate little things in life and to always value our loved ones. Every time I look at you, it reminds me of how my parents love me and how much effort and hardwork they have put in raising me. I cannot promise you that I will be a perfect mother but I will try my 101% to protect you, to love you and to give you the best that I possibly can.

Love you always,

Aspiring little bookworm

I know I should not worry that Isabelle is picking up all the good traits from us. Reading for instance.

But what if she competes with me with all my HER WORLD, FEMALE and in this case, WOMEN'S WEEKLY? LOL.

Well, we will just gotta get extra copies then. Responsible and sensible parents should encourage positive habits and let the good qualities flourish in our children, shouldn't we? Maybe Isabelle & Mummy can one day share some beauty tips and exchange ideas :)

Friday, June 4, 2010

Mummy Loves Me This I Know

What a huge bandage aye?

Mummy bought home my favourite breakfast and I must have been too excited to savour the ever so delicious chee cheong fun that when I cut open the sauce packet, I cut my index finger too. OOOOUUUCCHH!!! Shrieked and Mummy came running in from the drying yard. She must have thought I chopped off my arm!

The cut was quite deep as the bleeding didn't stop after about 3 minutes. Mummy quickly grabbed the car keys and rushed me to a clinic. I remember my blood stained her beloved pair of khakis.

Upon reaching the clinic, while waiting for my turn and I was hoping that no stitching will be required, the nurse at the reception asked me "Miss, your knife very sharp ar?" I smiled.

Doctor attended to me and while he examined the wound, I felt a pair of warm hands on my right shoulder and then it held my right hand. It was Mummy's. She held me as she know I am very sensitive to pain and she know I would be afraid. Her hands was assuring and I know it will be alright, even if stitches is needed.

Thank you Mummy for loving me and for holding my hands, even at 34.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Journey of Mummyhood ~ Pregnancy

If my memory serves me right, I wasn't instantly yippee-yay-yay superduper HAPPY when the pregnancy test kit result came out positive. I was ... blur... lost... confused... afraid... and dare not believe.

DH was the happier party when I told him "Hey, POSITIVE".

Sitting on the couch, staring into the wall, telling myself "I am going to be a mother and inside me is a little baby and I don't believe this, something is not right with the test kit".

The rest is history and sweet history :) and yes, I was yippee-yay-yay superduper HAPPY when I settled in into the reality. And I know, being a mother is what I am destined to be and it is undoubtedly, God's wonderful blessing.

Our monthly check-up at the clinic was something we really look forward to every month. It was some sort of a 'gathering' of us and our baby. I was always in tears of joy of course, when I hear her heart beats and see her moving around inside my tummy. Not sure if it is truly mother instinct, but I somehow knew it would be a girl and I have had lists of names for a baby girl. DH insisted that we should also think of boy's name. Well, okay. But silently in my heart, I knew that the boy's name list would be unnecessary because we will be having a girl !

One of the pregnancy symptoms I had was nausea. My evening nausea started at about week 7 and miraculously disappeared when I entered the beginning of 2nd trimester. Hallelujah! I was praying and keeping fingers crossed that I would not be one of the unfortunate ones to have nausea throughout the 36 weeks.

My diet was also kept under control as the sugar level in my blood was rather high and I was close to the borderline of getting gestational diabetes. DH also benefited from this as he lost quite an amount of weight due to the change of food choice at home. Rice was cut down to one small bowl a day, no ice-cream, no cakes, no yummy fruity jam, no kaya (coconut jam) and most unbearably, NO COFFEE! Coffee was like my oxygen! I took up a safer option, decaf. But decaf is honestly L.O.U.S.Y. I gave it a try for couple of days. No, decaf just won't do. Coffee it is.. but I cut down to just quarter of what I usually take. Wow.. life is so much better and full of roses again.

DH and DS very kindly accommodate to my food requirements throughout my pregnancy. They very willingly and lovingly gave me their share of fish dishes most of the time. And due to a pregnant woman's craving, they also usually go with my fickle choices of cuisine. Thank you DH & DS and I love you so so dearly. Muacks.

What & Who made me a SAHM?

To start with, I thank God every single day for making me a SAHM, although I never thought that I would be a homemaker one day.

When I was 5th month pregnant with Isabelle, that was when I decided that I am going to quit working and be a SAHM, for better or for worse.

Here is the story of why I should thank my ex-boss, the push factor of this wonderful decision. Now I clearly understand what 'every cloud has a silver lining' truly means.

I had a weird boss in a VERY non-family oriented company. Even the salary was good, it failed to made me stay. My boss who was a childless man, was envious of me when I broke to him the news that I was pregnant. He started to make life VERY miserable for me in many little ways (I don't wish to mention them here). My days in the office was often spent complaining or rather, pouring out my sour feelings to my kind colleagues (here I would like thank my dear ex-colleagues who were there for me & I could never have survived a day more there without their support & love). I remember I was always telling Isabelle then in my tummy how sorry mummy was to let her 'go through' all that misery with mummy. And not forgetting...the journey to office every morning felt like I was driving from South Pole to North Pole. ARGH!

Below were the list of scenarios & my worries in the event that I had to return to work after Isabelle arrives:

Scenario of Isabelle being sent to daycare/babysitter. Not a big problem as there is a daycare centre few floors below our condominium. BUT... yes, the big BUT... (please see below)
  • We will have to be prepared to take emergency leave often as she will tend to fall sick more often, catching flu and cough and what nots from other kids in the centre.
  • My boss would not be able to understand these sort of situation and would make my life even MORE miserable.
  • Not being to leave work on time to pick her up from daycare will cause somehow rather some chaos
  • The thought of leaving a 2 month old fragile baby at a daycare centre, in the hands of a stranger... I don't even want to think about it.
  • Hiring a maid and leaving her at home alone with the baby, BIG NO NO.
  • My parents deserve to enjoy their golden years after caring for us for a challenging 30 years. So, no, it is not my choice to invite them to stay with me and babysit my baby.
* My imagination .... golden years *

After many discussions and prayers, me and DEAR HUBBY (DH) put a fullstop to my worries and misery. And we decided that it would be best for me to quit even temporarily so that I can concentrate and take care of our little baby at home.

Although that means DH will have to support the family with single income, the decision gave me a big peace of mind and gave DH peaceful ear (because he can finally go to sleep without listening to my sour stories or how bad my day went in the office or my worries about our unborn child).

A couple of agonising weeks pass by, I happily handed in my resignation letter. I can't forget how I felt the moment the letter left my palm! It was a big big BIG relief!!! I can proudly tell my ex-boss in his face, I DO NOT NEED THIS JOB ANY LONGER!!! He asked me to stay till my due date approaches. Oh my.. thanks but no thanks. I am carrying a baby, a precious life in me & maybe additional 10kg of body fat then and I am not going sit around and let you torture me. After a long chat, I walked out of his office, la la la.. I feel I could float despite the extra weight!!!

So, here I am now.. a tired, sleepy but happy and joyful SAHM!

Thank my DH for standing by me throughout the whole journey and for putting up with my silly fuss. ♥

My First Post


Finally, I am blogging my first post in my first blog. After a lot of 'encouragement' from my dear sister (DS) since a year ago, I am finally doing it. According to her, I would have nothing much to do being a SAHM and blogging would help me kill my idle time. LOL... Idle time?? What is that?? If any SAHM out there understands what does idle time means or had idle time while handling a baby alone, please contact me. I would like to congratulate you and personally give you a pat on the shoulder.

Blogging is a brilliant idea come to think of it. I am hoping to be able to find enough time and space to blog my thoughts and memories so that when Isabelle grows up, she will be able to read the wonderful journey we went through together. After all,
PINK BIBS would be mostly about her :)

OK. I believe this is good enough to wrap up my first post.

Till the next post, cheers!