Monday, August 30, 2010

Bob, I love you!

No... please don't be alarmed... Bob is not my new love interest but my hairstyle for the past 2 years after having long and shoulder length hair for almost all my life.

My regular hairstylist, Shawn asked me what I want to do with my hair today. I told him I would like to go back to long hair but the waiting period of growing it long again is going to be very torturous for someone impatient like me. Although I think bob looks sleek and trendy for me but I would love to be more feminine again. After some thinking and analysing the pros & cons, I decided to give bob another try. This time, slightly shorter and edgier.

Over the past 2 years, I have had several type of bob cuts. A-line bob, one length bob, long bob, very short bob...and today I had one of the nicest bob :)

With this bob... I need not be in front of the mirror and tire out my hands blowdrying my stubborn out of shape bob for 15 mins, after each hairwash. Lots of hard work and wasting a lot of electricity, not to mention, time.

Looks like bob works perfectly for me now. So, what is your favourite hairstyle and which works best for you? :)

What I Did Was Wrong but I Am Home!

I am sure more than half of the drivers out there exceeded the speed limit, atleast 10 times in their driving history before! And we all know this is something we absolutely should not do & a 'sin' we should not commit, especially when there are precious lives in our hands.

And yes... ooops... I did it again today. We left for home today and I know how much DH misses Isabelle and wants to see us (her) soon. The usual 3.5 hours drive shrunk to 3.

Hit the highway at 3.10pm. Heavy rain throughout the journey. Reached destination at about 6.15pm or so. Isabelle slept almost the whole journey, woke up 20 minutes before we arrived home. Refreshed and with the long nap, she can stay up later than usual to catch up on her bonding with Daddy.

The moment she saw her dear Daddy, she paused for few seconds and then this very sweet and sincere smile appeared on her face. They must be so delighted to be reunited again after a week apart from each other. Her attention instantly switched almost completely to DH. I have to admit, a tiny ounce of jealousy did creep into me. But when she turned around and exclaimed "Mama", all the bad vibes vanished and I am just a happy mummy enjoying the sight of her little baby and man... in each other's arms.

And... I am glad to be home, away from home :)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

What is in store for my baby?

While waiting for my turn at the post office to renew my driving license this morning, I did a little bit of daydreaming and wondering (as usual) as the queue was long and I had quite some time to kill. I looked around the post office and remembered how it used to look like 20 years ago. Then my wondering travel back to my childhood days. I started by remembering how my parents would drive me here to post my mails. Then I remember how I used to walk to school with a neighbor aka schoolmate. We used to live at this row of shophouses along the main road of my hometown and school was just about 5 minutes walk away. Dad sending me to school on his motorbike every now and then or when weather was too hot for me to walk. Mom sending me my favourite chee cheong fun to school during recess (yes, I was a very pampered girl). Me and neighbors playing at the backlane in the evenings and almost all day long during school breaks. All the little things I did and all the memories started flashing in my head.

I sighed. Life was so easy, happy and 'safe' for me when I was younger. Then it dawned on me, what lies ahead for my little baby? Would the world still be safe for her to walk anywhere like I walked to school? Only the weather alone terrifies me. We could survived with just one table fan and it was cooling enough that we still use a blanket. Now, with the air-conditioner switched on at 16 degrees, we still complain about the heat. How is the weather going to be in another short 5 years time? Is my little baby going to live as comfortably as I did? What about school? Every time we read the newspapers, we see news about school bully in primary school and even rape cases in school itself. Cruel, cold & sad. The world is changing, so fast and so furiously. We all know and can't deny that the world is not changing for the better.

Yes I know I sounded doubtful but I know I had to trust in God that He will walk us through all things in life. And I know He will guard my little baby in any circumstances.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fun Grandparents vs Strict Mummy

This is the usual dilemma whenever we are back at my parents' or when they visits us.

When I said No.. they say Yes...

When I said Sleep... they say Play...

I said highchairs for mealtimes... they let her walk everywhere...

I said 'No icecream'... they say 'A little bit won't do any harm'...

When I said 'Time to wake up from day nap'... they say 'Let her sleep as long as she want'...

Baby car seat is for babies/toddlers... they let her sit on their laps during car rides...

It worries me half of the time that I would need to mend all the damages done. Damages as in the aspect of discipline and routine. It takes 1 day to learn the good stuffs but 1 minute to master the bad ones.

But again, I told myself, so what if it changes her routine a bit? What if they insisted her to play when it is time to nap/sleep? It is nothing I should worry about. Even if they give in to her request for ice cream or not sitting in the car seat, I should have more faith in myself, Isabelle and God. All I need to do is just tune her back to her usual routine and as for discipline, it is totally fine to be a fun mummy (and not a prison warden) once a blue moon. If my way of upbringing Isabelle is in the right track, I should not even worry at all.

After all, it is the job of grandparents to pamper the offspring of their children and it is all done in the name of love.

Little Buttons... Launched Finally

Me and my DS has been planning and talking about starting a small online store selling kids apparels together many months ago. But all we did was... talk.

Today, after so many months & just talking, finally our Little Buttons is launched and facebook came in really handy for this occasion.

We are doing this just for fun since we can get some supplies of very good quality clothes. And no pressure as profit is not on top of our list. After all, we don't foresee this to be our main income. But with DH and DS's circle of friends & colleagues, and some mine, we do hope to see positive response and also some good results. Will just take one step at a time.

Some pictures of Little Buttons' first collection and hopefully, more to come. Enjoy viewing!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bittersweet Sunday

DH has gone back to KL and we are going to spend a week here at home. We are going to miss each other tonnes. Undoubtedly, he is going to miss his princess like nobody's business and will be counting his moments to seeing us (her, actually) again.

Nevertheless, today was another enjoyable day for Isabelle. After sending Daddy off with many hugs & kisses accompanied with a little prayer for Daddy's journey back home, she had a full 2 hours nap. Heavy duty entertaining and catching up with all her baby and toddler friends at the church earlier this morning must have left her batteries low.

In the evening, she had another round of party in the garden with Ah Kong, Ku Ku, Ah Kim and all the furry family members. While she kept herself busy exploring every little inch of the garden and terrace, I was kept busy chasing after her.

Watching her furry friends

Spotted a flock of birds flying above

Saying Hello

A stroll in the evening is a good way to end a day

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Nowhere Is Like Home

Coming home (to my parents' place) is always a joy and Isabelle's presence just add in nothing but more fun & laughter.

My parents would abandon half of their hectic schedule, mostly church activities to spend more time with Isabelle. It must be fun to be grandparents and I am glad they enjoy it. I am even more grateful Isabelle is blessed with so much love from Ah Kong Ah Ma.

This trip home, as usual, were fun filled and enjoyably busy because we always so much to do, so many places to go and so many good food to enjoy yet too little time.

Looking very ambitious

Isabelle having a blast of time in Ah Kong's office

Weather was good this evening and we decided to join Dad to a service in an outreach church in Port Weld, approximately 30 minutes drive from town. Our agenda was to go for fresh seafood dinner after the service. We even had the opportunity to visit the fishing village. It was another first for Isabelle. For the first time, she saw a sampan and fresh crabs! We were lucky to bump into a fisherman who just returned from the sea with the catch of the day.... crabs! Big plump crabs... irresistible. We simply could not resist the temptation and bought some home.

Sunset in Port Weld

Our supper before their lives ended in the pot and then our tummies.
Did not manage to snap any photos of cooked crabs because we were too busy eating them.

Dinner was good too but we saved some space for our crabby supper. Mom cleaned them up and place them in steamer and I can't remember when was the last time I tasted such sweet juicy crabs with absolutely no seasonings at all. Yummy.

I have the whole of next week at home and I am going to enjoy each & every moment of it. Maybe, another trip down to Port Weld for another round of sweet delicious crabs. :)

Good night & sweet dreams!

Isabelle's Growing Vocabulary & Gestures

Today, Isabelle pointed at our family pet's poop in the garden and said 'Dirty'. We are one proud helluva parents! Her vocabulary is growing very fast and we are having lots of fun teaching her and also disciplining ourselves as well. Toddlers are super efficient copycats so we try our very best to watch our words and behavior.

She can now say :
  • Mama (I love the way she says it.. melts my heart everytime)
  • Papa (when she calls Papa more, I go green with envy)
  • Ee Ee (my sister)
  • Ku Ku (my brother)
  • Cho Cho (my Grandma)
  • Ko Ko (my Dad and it is supposed to be Kong Kong but she somehow could not pronounce words ending with 'ng')
  • Mah Mah (my Mom)
  • Doggie
  • Cher Cher (any girls or ladies who looks Chinese)
  • Kakak (anyone who looks not so Chinese)
  • Kor Kor (boys and guys)
  • Pha Pha(scared in Mandarin)
  • Nen Nen (milk)
  • Len Len (cold in Mandarin)
  • mum mum
  • Banana (sometimes Na Na)
  • Donkey (as in Eeyore)
  • Pooh
  • Growls like a tiger
  • Miao
  • Car
  • Dirty
  • Shh Shh
  • Poo Poo
  • No No
  • Ya Lar.... (very Malaysian)
  • and not forgetting, lots of shrieks and screams

As for gestures & signs, she can :
  • Dance when she hears her favourite music/song
  • Shake her index finger - No
  • Hands on her chest - Scared
  • Hands on stomach - Feeling full
  • Waving her hands - Come
  • Waving hands side to side - Hello & Goodbye
  • Clasping 2 hands together - Pray
  • Clasping 2 hands together & wobbling up & down - Gong Xi Gong Xi
  • Hands on the mouth - OH OH & looking surprised
  • Pointing at her eyes, nose and ears when asked
She can understand and obey some simple instructions as well & still learning:
  • Picking up her toys
  • Waits for me outside the toilet when I said "Stop there and wait for Mummy"
  • Throwing stuffs into the dustbin
  • Bring her shoes when we tell her we are going out
  • Bring us stuffs or pass things around

But what we love most is when she kisses us, with or without we asking.

Sentimental Snail Mails

Found a stack of mails in a folder sitting on the desk at the corner of the hall. Out of curiosity, I took a peep. To my sweet delight, it was some mails I received from friends. Some aging at least between 13-15 years old! Quickly took my shower and clean up Isabelle after a busy evening and pass her to Daddy to tuck into bed. I then sit down and slowly go through my old mails. Stories of college experience, school day memories, projects, pressure, struggle, dreams, boys (ahem), ambitions, silly thoughts and some quite dramatic events shared in the mails. I almost forgot I had some very great penpals till I saw those mails. How blissful to be young and 16.

Mom must have done some spring cleaning lately to have discovered all my long lost 'treasure'. I certainly hope she did not had the chance to read any of those mails :) But I am glad she found them and kept them in good condition for me.

Snail mails are like rare gem now that we have the convenience of emails. It still thrills me to receive real cards and letters occasionally. Not that emails and ecards mean anything less but snail mails somehow feels warmer and more sentimental. I remember how I used to wait eagerly for my weekly letters from schoolmates to arrive when we went separate ways to different colleges. I even remember I once waited anxiously for a classic cuckoo clock my uncle sent me from London. The feeling was exciting and something we don’t really feel waiting for an email.

I believe there are more old mails around the home, waiting to be found again. I hope I will be able to find time to dig them out.

Since I will be meeting up with a classmate this trip home, I should bring along some of the mails she sent me and we can have a hearty laugh about her stories. That sounds like a terrific agenda! And this also reminds me to send out some real cards this coming Christmas. :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Techno Savvy Baby

Thank God He heard my prayer and the flu disappeared. I am glad not just because we can go ahead with our travel plans but mostly because she is spared from getting seriously sick.

And today, Isabelle found a new toy, again. Daddy's notebook. I think Daddy is going to regret his decision to let her lay her hands on it.

I hope to be able to blog about all her other 'toys' soon. My make up brush, bags, mobile phone, plastic container, soup ladle, clothes hanger..... the list goes on.

Checking out the new toy

Checking why is the mouse not working

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Go Away Flu!

Isabelle is having mild flu and it started around lunchtime today. DH insisted we rush her to pediatrician's clinic but I think otherwise. It is too mild and the pediatrician would send us home without medication anyway.

Despite being mucus-y, Isabelle played and ran around the home like any other day and the flu did not bother her at all.

Hoping she would recover soon or atleast, the flu don't get any worse as we have planned to travel back to my parents' this Friday. Traveling with an active toddler down with flu does not sound pleasant to me. And I have not been home for 2 months and I really want to go home.

So, yeah... flu.... please go away.

1st Booksneeze's Book On Its Way

I have just requested One Hand, Two Hands by Max Lucado. I have missed the previous round of new book release and this time, I grabbed it. Thanks to Mummy Jenny for prompting me about the newly available books and also for recommending me the awesome Booksneeze =D

And now, I will just have to wait for Mr Postman to come with my 1st parcel from Booksneeze.

Blessed Are Today's Mothers

"To all the real moms who trade their eyeliners for dark circles, salon cuts for ponytails,long showers for quick showers,late nights for early mornings, designer bags for diaper bags and wouldn't change a thing. Lets see how many moms re-post this. This is for the moms who don't about what they gave up instead... LOVE what they get return. Re-post this if you're a mom and love your kids!"

A friend posted the above caption in her facebook wall sometime last week. I reposted it in my wall because I can't help but to agree with a mother's sacrifices.

I also feel that whatever we, mothers of this current generation do, we cannot measure up to what our mothers (and mothers of past generations) did.

~ Hand washing laundry because there were no modern washing machines or dryer
~ Cooking over coals because there were no convenient microwave and oven
~ Boiling big pots of water to sterilise babies' utensils because there were no electrical steriliser
~ No disposable diapers and cloth diaper means more hand washing and drying

Above all that, no internet like what we have today to stay connected with outside world (for SAHMs) and stay sane within the 4 walls of the home.

When I remind myself of all the above and maybe more, I stop complaining, thank God & count my blessings... because all I sacrificed was long nails and long showers and that is so tiny compared to all the sacrifices of mothers' yesterday.

Monday, August 16, 2010

My God Is So Big

My God is so big,
So strong & so mighty,
There's nothing my God cannot do for you
He makes the sky,
He makes the sea,
He makes the elephants too.

This is the song they sing in the Sunday school every week during Praise & Worship. She has not reach the stage to mimic the action but I am so looking forward eagerly to the day she can do so. I think she is going to look so adorable following every action the teacher does while singing this song.

Isabelle is quite addicted to it I must say! Each time I sing it at home she would drop whatever she is doing & she would point at my fingers (asking me to get some actions going). At times, she would want me to do it repeatedly till I got so tired doing the elephant swinging its trunk action. But I am happy to do it as long as it makes her happy. Guess that is what mothers are for.

(The lyrics on this version I found on youtube is different)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

I Love...

... my DH's kisses on my forehead before he leaves for work while I am still sleeping

... Isabelle kissing me without me asking for one

... knowing that Isabelle will miss me while Daddy take her out for an evening walk without me

... Isabelle's smile, even though not at me

... the smell of freshly brewed coffee

... reminiscing happy memories

... Isabelle's nap time because that is when I go for my toilet breaks

... watching Isabelle play & giggles

... planning for holiday & waiting for the day to come

... the feeling of crisp clean clothes

... Isabelle's toys resting in the basket where it belongs and not all over the floor

... Thursdays because it is the beginning of Friday!

... Saturday mornings because I can sleep in

... DH coming home early and on time

... rainy days because it reminds me of home

... journey of going home to my parents' place

... having visitors and friends at home

... having a long chat with good friends

... receiving parcels and cards

... planning menus for the week

... clean plates because it means my cooking is acceptably delicious (even though they might finish it just to please me or because they were really hungry)

... leaving the dirty dishes in the sink and someone will do it for me :)

Happy Weekend!

* I was listening to this beautiful music (True Love by Miranda Wong) while I blog this post on a peaceful Saturday afternoon *

Friday, August 13, 2010

Dancing Belle

Isabelle dancing to one of her favourite hit song Baby Baby by Justin Bieber.

She can also mimic the chorus. :)

Almost DIY toys

She loves to be in all the places not really meant for her *sigh*

Her Pi Pi (Puppy in short) in my beach bag = new toy

Fantastic Friday the 13th!

* Isabelle woke up as early as 8am. My sweet dreams was cut short by an hour.

* DH got his sinus attack today. That means he will not be able to help with Isabelle as much as on a healthy sinus-free day. Chasing after her all day long all by myself will leave me no time for my house chores, let alone time for myself.

There goes my carefree Friday. After all, it is Friday the 13th. How better can it be.

But I managed to grab a proper early brunch, of course, with Isabelle fussing over me to have a bite of what I was having. I somehow got her to play with her toys in her playpen while I quickly give the home a good clean sweep. The house is now clean & tidy for us to rejuvenate in throughout the Friday evening and also the weekend.

Isabelle got up from her afternoon nap earlier because she dozed off earlier than her nap time. But that is not too bad, she will be tired by 9pm and will be in la la land even earlier tonight. And that spells earlier happy hour for Mummy & Daddy!

So do I think that my Friday 13th is that disastrous? Maybe not.

Happy Friday the 13th!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Me & My Vanity Box

I am pleased to introduce to you the other love of my life, after my family & my skincare. Please meet my vanity box or collection to be more precise.

I didn't spend a fortune to own all the items seen in the pictures below. Some are gifts from DH, DS, parents & friends. Some are freebies that comes with the skincare purchased. Some are of course the result of my impulsive shopping habit, not. I buy them because I need them.

With this amount of cosmetic, it does not necessarily mean I paint my face every single day. I like dressing up and looking presentable. On days we have outing and on weekends, yeah, I doll up myself a bit. It is nice to look good for your partner and more so, for yourself.

My little pouch I carry in my handbag
(loose powder and concealer in 1, lipcolor, lipgloss, mini EDT, mini blusher & mini mirror)

All the gadgets for face and eyes

For the lips

Oh, did I mention that I love perfumes too? =D

Our playground

Discovered a new & safe location for Isabelle to play and run around without worrying every second that she will knock on some sharp corners and hurt herself badly.

And it is the squash court at our condo. Residents usually use the court in the evening. So during daytime, it is vacant, underutilised and perfect place for Isabelle to run and play to her content. Lots of energy to burn. I can't think of any disadvantages other than the guards or management coming to shoo us off which they didn't. They even came to enjoy the sight of a happy little toddler playing and laughing very happily in the court. They should thank us for maximising the facilities in the property :)

Left: Stopped for a break
Right: Checking out very carefully every inch of the court

We went down to the court again this morning. She had a blast and that makes me a happy mummy!

Ice Ice Baby

Nope, I am not rapping Vanilla Ice's popular single.

I just found something new to keep Isabelle occupied while she waits for me in the kitchen when I had to do my cooking or washing. A few cubes of ice in a big plastic bowl and that keeps her entertained for a good 10 minutes max. And I can continue with my chores of course, still keeping an eye on her.

Now that this trick will work for a few more days till I have to twist my brain for something new, I am going to enjoy the peace in the kitchen while I can.

I wish you, your little one(s), your family, myself and my little ice baby a great day ahead!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Trust His Heart

Came across this beautiful song in a blog when I was doing my usual bloghopping couple of days ago. Surprisingly I have never heard of this song in my church previously. All I remember was the title and how it left a very big piece of comfort in me. The meaning of the song kept lingering in my head. I googled for the lyrics and am so delighted I found it.

All things work for our good
though sometimes we can't see how they could
struggles that break our hearts in two
sometimes blinded us to the truth
our Father knows what's best for us
His ways are not our own
so when your pathway goes dim
and you just can't see Him
remember you're never alone

God is too wise to be mistaken
God is too good to be unkind
so when you don't understand
when you don't see His plan
when you can't trace His hand
trust His heart.

He sees the master plan
He holds the future in His hands
so don't live as those who have no hope
for our hope is found in Him
we see the present clearly
but He sees the first and the last
and like a tapestry, He's weaving you and me
to someday be just like Him


My Thoughts Today

Watching Isabelle as she sleeps is one of my most favourite thing to do, be it her afternoon nap or in the middle of the night. She looks so much in peace and my mind wonders far far away while I watch her.

Overwhelmed with the unconditional love I have for her yet drowning myself in worries and fear. I wonder what lies ahead for her... will she have a joyful childhood like I had... what type of person is she going to grow up to be... am I doing enough for her... am I doing everything right for her... there never seems to be an end.

One thing for sure, I could not imagine my life with her before she came around and now that I have her here, I can never imagine my life even for just one day without her. And because of that, I will give her the best I can in everything. And somehow it is becoming more vivid to me that being a mother is who I am destined to be.

Cheers to mummyhood :)

Friday, August 6, 2010

NKOTB then, NKOTB now, NKOTB forever

NKOTB was one of the most hot boy band of the 90s. Just talking about them gives me goosebumps. :) And my favourite new kid was naughty Donnie and gorgeous Jordan!

My and my classmates loved them then and still love them now. As ardent fan of them, we collect anything with NKOTB on it... buttons, posters, magazines, newspaper articles, files, stationeries, books, their animated collections... etc.

Picture of buttons found from google as unfortunately I do not have a picture of my own collection as those days, taking photos are very costly unlike digital version today

I even won a ticket to their concert in Singapore! I can still feel the high I felt when I found out about the winning via a letter and also with my name published in the newspapers! The feeling was so so thrilling! Of course, as expected, I forego the concert as it was too far for me and my parents would be insane to give me the greenlight to go. Besides the ticket, I won tshirt and a few of their merchandise over different occasions.

We also had a group of 5 in school and entered a dancing contest with their song (obviously) for our dance. If memory serves me right, we managed to grab 2nd prize!

I remember once, we were moving to a new house. I was in school when my parents cleared my room. When I came home, all my beloved NKOTB posters that decorated my walls vanished!! Search hi & lo, and my Dad told me that he has thrown all of it away because I have gone too ridiculously crazy about them. That did made me cried my heart out. Feeling lost and sour, the packing and unpacking went on when we reach our new home. Then I saw a box with rolled posters in a corner in my new room and it was my NKOTB posters! Dad pulled a big joke on me and it worked.

Talking about this does make me sound like a diehard fan eh? Well, yes, I am. They were a big part of my precious schoolday memories which I want to remember & treasure forever, or atleast as long as possible. I am sure my classmates would agree too :)

Here are some of their songs I still enjoy listening to :
Right this moment while blogging this, my mind is traveling back to schooldays and it felt so good to be young and carefree.

God Is Awesome!

I have had my share of experience working with big international companies, working closely with wonderful people and had fantastic bosses. I have also enjoyed many great perks and plump salaries. Glamorous functions, prestigious meetings, press conferences, travels on company's expenses... been there done that.

Decision for me to stay home did not come easy. Having to bid farewell to all the goodies mentioned above was difficult. Worries about settling with 1 income to feed 3 mouths was frightening. But God amazed us with His abundant supply. DH was still holding his previous position as Business Development Manager when I left my job while still pregnant at 7 months. Although his remuneration then was good but I was still doubtful if it will be sufficient to get us through comfortably. Out of DH's convincing and prayer, we decide to submit it to God. DH kept reminding me that if this is what God wants for us, He will walk us through.

Hallelujah! Not long after leaving workforce and arrival of Isabelle, DH was soon promoted to Senior Business Development Manager with additional perks, which was a blessing and bonus all in one! And a few months down the road, DH brought home another excellent news! He was upgraded to Regional Manager! It was unbelievable!

Being a SAHM is sweet itself. But being one with so many blessings is heavenly.

Did I mention that being a SAHM defeats all the jobs I had before? I can't imagine going back to work and leaving my little darling with a babysitter, maid or even my own parents. Some think that it would be quite a chore to wake up to a wailing baby with soiled diaper waiting to be changed then fed. To me, waking up, having to fight the mad morning traffic and to fight the misery of missing the little child I had to leave behind under another person's care while I go to office and fight another round of endless battle, now THAT is nightmare.

Many perceive being a SAHM equals to boring, plain, monotonous & even purpose-less and rather be working than to spend time at home with their kids eventhough they are capable to survive with 1 income. Sad to say, those who thought so do not know what they are missing from their lives. There is never a deadline to go out and earn the moolah. But a child's early growing years are too precious to be missed. We only have the few years to have them near to us. In no time, they will grow up and spend most of their time away, be it studying abroad or they will just somehow have their own circle of friends they prefer to be with. We will then have all the time & space to pursue our own carried forward dreams.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Housemate from H.E.L.L.

She came into my life as a nice innocent colleague. After about 2 months working together, I became her housemate. I was then looking for a place to move to and she happened to have a room vacant because she just rented the whole unit of condo herself. She needed someone to share the rental and I needed a better place to live in with a good rental rate, so why not... great combo... colleagues-cum-housemate. Perfect match.

I was naive enough to believe that things will be just fine albeit my boyfriend-then-now DH told me I might regret my decision. He said his men sixth sense told him this is too good to be true.

Unfortunately, his sixth sense started to become reality after just less than 2 months I moved in.
Throughout the first few months, I discovered many of her unpleasant way and manners. Thank God I can't really recall all the sad incidents clearly. But here are the few major issues I will never forget:

Incident A - Part 1
Her 1st live-in boyfriend broke off with her (I will share later about this part of the story) and that means she had to fork out more to pay for her rental. She had the guts to ask me to top up my rental as much as RM100 to contribute to her rental. Ridiculous. The then naive me, actually sympathized her and sacrificed another RM50 from my expenses to 'help' her. She then managed to fish for a new boyfriend. The then naive me thought that I can rescue myself from paying extra rental now that her new boyfriend moved in, it is only right for her to manage the rental herself for the extra headcount. Turned out, she did not even bring up this issue. The then naive and silly me continued paying. Spank my own head.

Part 2
Her 1st boyfriend leaving her - I remember one night while I was relaxing in my room, I heard loud commotion coming from hers. Then they zoom out from the room and I heard with my own ears the most astounding remark from her boyfriend "IF I DO NOT LEAVE YOU , I WILL GO INSANE! I CAN'T TAKE YOUR MADNESS ANY LONGER!!"

The next morning, she shared her story with me and she even told me that the boyfriend attempted to jump down from the 9th floor balcony if she do not agree to break off with him. Flabbergasted.

Incident 2
She usually travel home on weekends and I will stay back as I go home only once every 2 months. Since I am around, I took up the housekeeping chores and even clean up her pet dog's poops and mess. One fine Sunday evening, she came back from her hometown and suddenly, she just blew up! Apparently she was not happy of the way I clean the floor. I sweep and then mop the floor. She wanted it the other way! But I was just doing her a favour to clean the whole house including her room! I am just renting a room from her and I could've just clean my own room. She was just that ungrateful!

There was also some occasions when she would be mad just because she came home to a wet kitchen sink & dust and hair sticking to the broom!! She is really out of this world! How can a kitchen sink be dry all the time?

Incident 3
When I have had enough of her unreasonable crap, I decide to move out before I go insane like her 1st boyfriend. Once I found and confirmed about the new place, I told her and she exploded again. This time, she was mad why didn't I break the news to her earlier. Then she went around the bush and forced me to move out even before my new place was ready and it was actually short of notice from her. I know I could fight for it but another day living under the same roof with her is only going to make me more miserable. So I had to get another temporary place to stay before I could move to the new place. I was so grateful my friend's landlady was kind enough to rent a room to me for as short as 1 month which is rare because not many would want to.

Incident 4
Her 2nd new boyfriend happened to be the best friend of my boss's son who also worked in the same company as us. When they hit it off, she told me that she want to go lo and do not want anyone to know and emphasized that she trust only me. But their relationship did not stay in the dark for very long and she accused me for being the culprit when the whole office seems to know about them. Am I that silly to announce their news when I know I am the only person to hold her secret?? She is very truly extremely naive not to realise that her boyfriend's bestfriend is working in the same place as us and she is silly enough to believe that her boyfriend would not tell him, and he would not tell it to his sister (boss's daughter who is also in the company and she does not like to keep secrets).

Incident 5
Of course, after all that, she gave me a lot of hard times at the workplace. Showing me her unhappy, bitter and angry face all the time. She even tried to brainwash others not to like me. But she forgotten that I have been there for longer than her and my workmates know me well enough. I should thank her for teaching to be patient and leveled up my tolerance. Today when I thought about it, I should also thank her for being the push factor for me to take the first step to leave the company after a comfortable 3 years. Please do not get me wrong, I did not leave because of her as she have no power to do that to me. I had a boss who was the owner of the listed company, who supported me and loved my job and holding a position like mine, I have many of my boss's staff who respected me. But it was time to move on and she was a bonus!

Philosophies Of The Day

Make The World A Better Place for All :

  • Count your blessings.
  • Stop focusing on others weaknesses.
  • Remember 1 good point about everyone you know in your life (even though some of them are difficult to be liked).
  • Remember that all the good and bad deeds you did might come back to you in folds. So invest more in the good deeds.
  • You do not need to win in all your battles. Sometimes taking a step back feels better than winning.
  • Be grateful of what you have and what others do for you, no matter how little.
  • Do not always put yourself on top of the list.
  • If you can't please everyone, do not expect everyone to please you.
  • Remember that the world doesn't revolves ONLY around you.

To be continued....

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Escapade in Krabi

Day 1
Left home with a heart as heavy as a million tonne lorry. I didn't expect myself to feel anything less than that for a first time not having Isabelle with me.

Arrived Krabi International Airport and checked into the hotel. Took a short rest after a late lunch. Rented the hotel's motorbike and went for a joyride. This is one place where we can ride a vehicle without a license and helmet.

Our home for 3 days

My thai tea for the day

I don't mean to be nasty but this Thai style English is cute.

DH has never been on a motorbike, let alone riding one. He took the challenge and took me for a ride. He passed.

Dined at a restaurant down the road with the rest of DH's colleagues and adjourned for drink at Luna Beach Bar opposite the hotel. The place did not look convincing but the moment we walk pass the dancefloor which led to an open air verandah overlooking the beach, we were so mesmerised! The sky was crystal clear, full of stars and the sound of the wave hitting the shore was almost paradise.

While chatting, suddenly I looked up the sky and there, shooting star! I have not seen one for the past 20 years! Unbelievable. The next thing I remembered was, DH's boss holding my hand and very excitedly exclaiming "MAKE A WISH, QUICK, MAKE A WISH!" I know, the myth was wish with eyes shut. But it would be too wasteful to close my eyes when there is this star shooting across the skies every 2 decades! Well, hopefully the wish I made would come true despite me going against the rules.

Day 2
We skipped island hopping which was our initial plan. Weather was forecaseted to be bad and sea would be rough. With my motion sickness syndrome, going on a 45 mins speedboat ride would be an extremely crazy decision. After breakfast, we booked for the massage session and it was so soothing. Managed to catch a short nap while they massage away all the fatigue.

DH withdrew himself from the idea of riding into Krabi town on a bike together with another couple. I respected his decision although I do think it would be exciting and adventurous to do so. Hailed an open air taxi. We did not regret the decision because the road to the town was a little busier than in Aonang Beach. Arrived in town and shopped a little. After lunch and a little stroll, weather turned gloomy and we decided to head back to the hotel in a real taxi (with aircond).

A bowl of piping hot chicken and pork noodles. Very delicious!

Mr Sun decided to emerge again when we returned to the hotel. Gave us one last chance to maximise the motorbike rental before returning it to the hotel. Continued our shopping.

After shower, joined the rest of the team for dinner.

DH & his colleagues were asked to share a few words as that was their company's tradition during such trip. Never occur to me that their spouses/partners would had a chance to do so too! I was honored to be given a chance to thank the company and the organising team for a wonderful trip.

It was pouring heavily when we woke up. I was joking with DH, this could be the sign of tsunami coming because the waves was strong and mighty!

After breakfast, me, DH & 2 more of his colleagues and boss, went for a last shopping trip down the road.

I had a blast bargaining when we saw stuffs we badly want to get hold of with a good price. The sense of satisfaction is beyond words :)

This shop gave me the best shopping experience I have ever had in Thailand !

Supplies to bring home

Checked out from hotel and left for airport. The organising team arranged for the driver to stopped by at a souvenir shop for us to buy some local goodies home.

Trip was fun and refreshing. It was great to get to know the wonderful people DH works with. But, nowhere is like home.

Back in my baby's arms!

I thought I will never survive this trip without making 100 calls home per hour! But I did. I was good enough to just dial the number 4 times & about 10 sms a day. I ought to be very proud of my achievement!

My parents and sister were very understanding to pick up my calls and reply my sms patiently and not getting annoyed. :)

Isabelle was very good throughout the 3 days and the only hiccup was she had little difficulty falling asleep at night. Other than that, no whining and nonstop crying as I'd imagined. Mom told me that she constantly walk around the house and seems to be looking everywhere for us and calls out 'Papa' & 'Mama'. Each time anyone opens the main door, she would exclaim 'Papa' loudly thinking that it was her Daddy coming home from work.

I was already counting the moment to be home again on the 2nd morning in Krabi.

The moment we reach the lobby's lift at our condo, my heart pumped faster! My Dad opened the door for us. Isabelle walked to the door and she paused for 2 or 3 seconds, looking a little lost. Then she smiled so widely and came running to me with her arms opened wide enough to hug me. Her expression was priceless. Tears flooded my eyes and I wish there was a device invented to record that indescribable feeling!

She kissed my cheeks and there's nowhere else I want to be but here, with my baby :)

* Blissful *