About Us the Blessed 3

About Us, The Blessed 3


Thank you for visiting my blog and I am so happy to have you here!

I am a homemaker & full time SAHM with a curious toddler Isabelle.  Married to a kind &  wonderful man I called husband :)  Never would I have thought that one day, I will be a SAHM and now that I am, I cannot imagine myself doing anything else or returning to my 9-5 job.  Please do feel free to read about the story of me becoming a SAHM here.

Pink bibs (and many more other colors), dirty diapers, undone dishes, piles of laundry, lack of sleep, walking zombie.  All these became my best friend ever since I became a SAHM last March (2009).  As 'untidy' as it may sound, it all sums up to 'IT IS WORTH IT'.  Being able to be at home with my little one and going through all her important milestones with her is the most priceless gift.  Being a mummy myself also thought me to appreciate my mother even more and to be grateful for all the things she sacrificed and did for me.

I am grateful I have a very supportive husband who stood by me throughout my journey of being a mother.  We never imagined that one day we will become parents and that we will have so much fun.  Isabelle is truly a blessing and parenthood has taught us a lot of valuable lessons in life.

Personally, I love cooking, reading, music, good movies, shopping & traveling.  Since few months ago, I found a new love, blogging.  It gives me a channel to express my thoughts and put down my memories in words.  Blogging also expanded my e-social life and kept me sane. 

I should stop babbling here and I hope you enjoy reading my stories as much as I enjoyed writing typing them.  

God bless you & your loved ones. 

Lots of love,
Me, DH & Little Isabelle