Thursday, September 30, 2010

Isabelle This Week

Learning numbers, shapes and colors via poker cards

My little poser

Poser in action

Picasso at work
(Tools : Paper plates taped to the high chair tray & crayons)

Checking out her new shoes

New Squeaky Shoes

Hooray! The little pair of shoes finally arrived.

I was searching for a pair of nice squeaky shoes for Isabelle and preferably in black, online & 'offline'. It was hard enough to find one which looks nice and not too cartoonish or kiddish, it was even harder to find one in black. But found it a few days from an online store. Little Blue Lamb shoes. Leather and soft. And the best part is, the squeaky valve is removable. On days we prefer her shoes to be squeake-less, just pull off the valve and put it back when we are okay for some squeakiness.

The smallest size available for this design is 5/22 (approx 140mm) and it is a little big for Isabelle right now. But I would prefer it to be big and not too small so that it will last longer for her.

Once I unsealed the parcel, Isabelle was all ready to try it on. The first squeak, she paused and wondered where the sound came from. Then second squeak, she grinned. Then came third step, she was smiling and walked round the hall in it. When I wanted to take it off her to store it away, she refused and struggled.

Good sign. She loves the shoes as much as I do. Now, I can't wait for her to grow to fit this pair of shiny little squeaky shoes.

The new pair of shoes

Removable valve

The curious consumer checking out her shoes

A Mummy's Birthday Wish

Precisely one week from now, I will be another year busier & wiser (and very much older).

DH has tried his luck getting me gifts for birthdays and other memorable occasions for the past years. But he married a fussy and choosy wife. But again, I am also a grateful wife. So from then on, I have suggested to him not to choose, anything for me in my absence. This is also because I do not want him to spend his hard earned money to buy something that I don't really need.

So as the day draws nearer, DH ask me even more frequently what do I want for my birthday gift. Usually, I will have my answer. But this year, I seriously do not know.

I have wondered about what I want. I have imagined myself... what gift would make me a happy birthday mummy. Flowers? Cake? Perfume? Shopping spree? Trip to the spa? All that does not seem to thrill me as much as it would previously. Maybe being a mummy transformed my choice of presents.

How about... spending my birthday by living a non-mummy day?
I like the sound of it but I don't like it that I will miss Isabelle madly being away from her.

What about... letting DH take over my job for a day & a well deserved day off for me?
I silently think this is a pretty good idea (wishful thinking). I wonder what would he think.

Paint the town red & a crazy night out with girlfriends?
I like it but it is impossible. Most of my girlfriends are married with kids and all we ever get to do together was a short lunch and with kids running mad around us.

How about you mummies out there? What is the best and most fun birthday celebration have you had on your special day after being a busy mummy who had almost no time for yourself throughout the whole year?

Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend is made for Shopping

When Isabelle started her solids, we had La Gourmet's thermal food jar ready in hand so that we can bring her food during outings. It keeps food piping hot up to at least 3 hours and it came with a lid which can being used as bowl. But it was a little too bulky and hence, my hunt for a smaller version of it started.

Last weekend, my hunt finally ended. I initially wanted one in subtle and 'safe' color aka grey or silver. Alas, it was nowhere to be found. So I settled for Thermos' 10oz food jar in a cheery vibrant blue and yellow. Not too bad. Colorful and bright. Good for toddlers' eyes. Not the usual dull grey.

We no longer have to carry an extra bag for a big food jar. The new jar can be kept even in my handbag.

My new Thermos thermal food jar

La Gourmet thermal food jar

Comparison of size

And I also have been scouting for a durable kitchen roll holder since the last one I had failed me. I guess it must be my lucky Saturday. I found it all!

Rayen products are a little bit pricey but very long lasting and I know this one will go a long way.

Image from google

Sweet Saturday

Here's what we did the last weekend...

Saturday morning ~ Checking out my Lumix camera and figuring how to operate it. The day will come when she finally finds out how and start clicking away, and I will be so thankful for digital cameras.

At The Curve ~ Isabelle wasted RM3 for a supposedly 5 minutes ride on this cute blue 'car'. When we put her inside and secured her with the safety belt, she looked happy & curious. But it didn't last long. After only less than 1 minute DH controlled the car with the remote controller, she turned and looked for us and started to cry. So there goes RM3 for 1 minute ride.

This picture was taken before she cried.

I was searching for something in my closet and my curious little one came with her helping hand and somehow, she managed to reach and grabbed this piece. Meet our little CEO in my powersuit. Ok.. this reminds me of those days when I get to dress up from head to toe for work. I do miss that part honestly but I am not complaining my 'job' dresscode now. :)

Twinkly Twinkle Baby

One of Isabelle's favourite song is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and we have been singing it to her since she was just a few months old.

Few months ago, she surprised us with her mimicking the twinkling action. And few weeks ago, she did it again and this time, she hummed the first verse of the song! And after that, we hear her humming the song to herself every now & then. She love to sing to herself when she is awake from her sleep in the morning (when Mummy is still half asleep). I believe she knows she need to entertain herself a bit before Mummy is fully awake.

Last few day, she started to hum a new song.. Happy Birthday.

I think we are going to have to consider sending her to music class as soon as her age is appropriate and strongly believe we should not let her natural passion for music go to waste.

Twinkle twinkle little star... how I wonder what you are...

The next time she does that, I hope I will be able to capture it on video :)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Happy 100th Post!

I have surprisingly shared 100 posts since June 2010! Routine is Powerful being my 100th post :)

A big big thank you to all my supportive bloggy pals who spent their precious time to drop by for a visit & for your very kind comments. It means a lot to me and it thrills me each time I receive your messages. And also to my anonymous viewers, I hope to get to know you soon and please do leave me a message so I can say Hello to you too & don't be shy, I don't bite :)

Till my next post, wish all of you a great weekend ahead and God bless you and your loved ones!

Cheers to mummyhood and bloggy mummies!

Routine is Powerful

We usually bath Isabelle in the late afternoon after her play session and then before bed time, we will clean her up again and change her into pyjamas, say around 8.30pm or so. But tonight, while me and DH were so engrossed with a series episode on Astro, we hear her whining and keep pointing at the corridor (leading to our bedroom) and babbling her alien language. We thought she was bored and wanted her toys or just our attention. After a few failed attempts to distract her with our eyes half glued to the tv, only we realised it was already 9pm and way past her pyjamas time. No wonder she kept pointing at the room and pulling her clothes. She is a good and prompt reminder @ alarm clock.

All the routines finally proven its power today.

Is SAHM/Housewife An Occupation/job?

I have recently read in several blogs and heard friends debating about how SAHM should be categorised. Some argued that SAHM/housewife should not be recognised as a job just because well, SAHM stays at home 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. While some thinks otherwise.

As a SAHM myself who had a 9-5 job previously, I would say both are considered an occupation. It is hard to deny that SAHM is not a job. In fact, it is a true full time job at home, where she don't get to clock in at 9, clock out at 5 and gets her off day on weekends. Of course, working moms are equally challenging where they had to fight all the crazy end of the day traffic and rush home to their kids and stay busy till midnight leaving little time for themselves (lucky are those who have helpers).

But the point here, a housewife aka SAHM, IS an occupation. Because if it is not, then you would not have seen 'HOUSEWIFE' being listed as one of the options under the occupation category when you feel in application forms of any sort.

When one perceives a housewife as jobless, correction. A housewife is payless job.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Right Here Waiting ...

Am still waiting and waiting patiently yet anxiously for my 1st booksneeze book to arrive.

Where art thou?

Baby Tools

Just want to keep the memory of the few items we used for Isabelle since her birthday.

Mustela Baby Bath
A friend residing in France sent me 8 bottles of this and I am very grateful because it costs as much as RM65 per bottle here. A bottle of this would be equivalent to 4 bottles of J&J baby bath. I had no particular reason to use this brand but since it is good and I have supply to last at least till Isabelle's 2nd birthday, I am a happy Mustela baby's mummy. It smells clean and not too perfumey.

Mustela Non-Rinse Cleansing Fluid
I also got 2 bottle of this together with the 8 bottles of Mustela Baby Bath. And yes, I am also very very extremely grateful for this too. I don't use it exclusively to clean up Isabelle. Most of the times, I clean her up with water and I save this precious fluid for really desperado times aka very super soiled diaper change session. And occasionally, I do steal it to clean table surfaces.

Yu Yee Oil
I am really sure of this one's effect but I used it because old folks says it helps to keep colic away. So, again, we have been using Yu Yee Oil for Isabelle specially after bath or when weather is cool. We have not replenish this item yet since we finished the last drop. Note the empty bottle and torn label.

Bepanthen Rash Cream
I started to use Bepanthen when I was breastfeeding during the first few months after Isabelle arrived and was using another anti diaper rash cream for her. But I found Bepanthen to be very good and effective. Thus, the switch.

Pigeon Baby Wipes (love that it is unscented & non-alcohol)
Yes, I know I am not as green as I should be a (we are cloth diapering Isabelle *self comfort*). But as we are planning to potty train her very soon, so with that, we hope we can get rid of baby wipes too. And whenever we are home, we try to minimise the use of baby wipes and uses water instead.

Cetaphil Moisturising Lotion
Pediatrician prescribed Isabelle this for her dry skin when she was about 2 months old. And this is our 3rd bottle of good old faithful drugstore brand Cetaphil at home :)

My 16 month old Babbler

In this video, Isabelle was babbling her language on her 'phone' (it was our Astro remote controller this time actually) and I don't understand a word of it, yet it was cute.

Apart from the alien language, she is very fluent with her 'Bu Yao' (No - in Mandarin) lately. And she says it with full expression all the time and she really mean it.

And another all time favourite and not fading anytime soon, is dancing to Justin Bieber's Baby. Every time she catches me in front of my notebook, she'd come running to me babbling 'Baby' and pointing to the screen. Yes, she wants Justin on youtube. She can watch it 100 times and doesn't mind another 100 more without getting bored. Talk about consistency.

Managed to capture few shots of Isabelle attempting to open the mailbox this morning when we went for our walk at the poolside and she actually selected the right key all by herself too :)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Till I See Them Again

It is always exciting to have my parents in town and boy, I was so happy to have them here during the last weekend. Although as usual, it was tiring to go places with them but it is worth every ounce of the exhaustion.

Each time they visit us, 24 hours a day just don't seem enough. This visit was nothing exceptional. We went shopping, visited some relatives and had 2 birthday parties to attend.

They went home yesterday evening and as usual, the cry baby in me came to live every time they leave.

One busy and fun filled long weekend ended and another long week ahead to survive. I am counting the days and weeks till I see them again.

Here are some photos of Isabelle having lots of fun, taken last week.

Enjoying the comfortable bed in a hotel when we visited my cousin from Singapore who was in town during her business trip to KL.

Cute baby for sale in Ikea! Any takers?

My little precious looking very serious

Getting creative with her 'toys'

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My Little Copycat

Isabelle is picking up quick on some new interest. Big time mimicking. She mimics me applying my skincare and cosmetics and combs her hair when I comb mine. She will try to put on my shoes and hold my clutches and bags. Sometimes, I would pass her some empty skincare bottles to play with and she'd 'apply' some on my face.

And she also love to imitate the words we use. Today, she said Night Night (with a silent T of course) and it sounded funny but cute. After a few weeks of blurry Bye Bye, out of sudden, she blurted out a very clear version of it today!

She also likes to watch how me and DH communicates and she listens like a pro when we talk. Whenever DH hugs me, she would watch and smile. I told DH, we have to be as lovey dovey as we can to inculcate more loving elements into her life. LOL.

And above all that, we have to watch what we do and say because we are living under the watchful eyes of a 16 month old toddler/copycat.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

In God's Hands

I love weddings! But the wedding I attended today is something really special that I must share.

Today is the wedding of a close church friend, Yan. Her life story itself is the reflection of God's unconditional love & truly a wonderful testimony of how God works in ways we can never comprehend.

Yan is an orphan. She used to work as a factory operator few years back but the factory's business was slow and not doing very well. It got her worried working in an unreliable company. Our church then happened to have a job opening. She got the job as administrative clerk. Who would have thought that the day she took up the job is the day her life changed. It was as if God has been waiting for this day to come to transform her life! After a few months, she told me she met someone and he was the preacher (he is a pastor now) who was transferred for training at the church, I was jumping for joy for her! They decided to tie the knot after a couple of years of courtship. Of course, they had some ups and downs throughout the journey. But God broke down the walls because He is good!

Her wedding is another chapter of God's overflowing love! Yan was expecting for small attendance because she have no family of her own. But the church was packed with friends and church members. She was walked down the aisle by a pastor who was also her godfather. Look at how God perfected the flaws in her life.

It is so awesome to witness how God make things work in His way and in His time. We have in past worried about Yan's future... about her job in the factory (God granted her a better job in church)... about living her whole life without a family to call her own & growing old alone (God sent her someone)... about her not finding a life partner in the small town because most eligible guys would uproot and move to bigger cities...

But God proved us that our worries were unnecessary. We can never be smarter than Him and to guess what He has planned for us. All we need is with faith and trust in Him, He makes the impossibles possible!

That reminds me to put my doubts about 1 or 2... in His hands.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Be My Guests

GC (a close homechurch friend) and family friend came over to visit us today. It was lunchtime when they arrive and we quickly serve lunch we prepared as they have been on the road since 9am and the kids should be ready for some food.

The initial plan was to leave her kids and Isabelle at our place with both our husbands while the mummies go to a nearby mall for a well deserved break, 'proper' tea time and hardcore mummy's talk. Isabelle and Audrey naps at almost the same time so it is good they can nap comfortably at home and GC's 2 older kids can just hang out or go for a swim. But we spoke too soon, Audrey refused to let mummy leave without her and was crying so pitifully. Our plans went down the drain. I decided that we should all go the the mall then. The kids were jolly happy but mummy were a little disappointed. But there is always a silver lining in every cloud. We sent GC's husband and her 2 kids to the mini playground in the mall. GC with Audrey in the stroller (hoping she will doze off) and I went for coffee at a cafe. Well, we managed to have a peaceful teatime eventually because Audrey finally fell asleep :)

Half way through, my cousin KC and his family gave me call and said they are in town and wanted to pop by to see Isabelle. Ok... hands full. I asked them to drop by at the mall to meet me. They wont be able to see Isabelle yet as she was napping at home with DH.

After killing some time in the mall with my 2 bunch of guests, we headed home and Isabelle could not be any happier to see so many happy faces!

What a busy, warm, fun-filled and joyful day.

Ridiculous Parenting Products

Was reading online and came across this. Have a laugh!

Happy reading!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

One or Two?

One is comfortable yet lonely. Two is merry but chaotic.

~D I L E M M A~

I found myself giving excuses if others can settle with just one, why can't I.

Deep down in our hearts, we want a second baby because we know Isabelle does not deserve the loneliness. When I look at her, sometimes it makes me want to cry. I feel selfish not feeling determined to give her a sibling. Even when posting this make me teary.

I am not getting any younger and I know I am racing with time. It is like now or maybe never.

So many issues and concerns to weigh. Help will be needed, whether I can cope with 2, financial.... the list seems endless.

When I was pregnant with Isabelle, I was always worrying and in doubts about almost everything & anything. Whenever we talk about having 2nd baby, DH would remind me, "Did we worry? Yes we did. But did we make it through? Yes we did too!"


We will see if God wants to surprise us with 2nd bundle of joy....


Looking at the mirror and feeling amused!


Dancing on threadmill while looking at the mirror.
Vainpot... I am very sure she did not get that from me.

A pose for Mummy's camera

Good exercise for me and Isabelle! I can't wait for her to be little older so I can bring her with me when I need to get on the threadmill soon!

She had a great time checking out all the equipments in the gym and tried to get on some of it which got me yelling like mad woman. Good thing no one else was in the gym as it was daytime and most residents were out.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Putting On Her Shoes

After many attempts and on the wrong foot most of the times, Isabelle finally put on both side of shoes on the right feet!

Bravo my little precious for not giving up and for being determined at such tender age :)

Persistence is the key to success

First sign of independence and not needing Mummy so much anymore? I guess I will have to start accepting this fact because the day will come when she can do everything by herself and I will not be on demand as I am today. Nevertheless, I am proud of her achievements :)

Cooking ~ Tomyam Success

My guinea pigs finished the whole big bowl of tomyam yesterday and I am a happy cook!

But personally, I think it tasted a little too spicy. Next round, I am going to add more water and more tomatoes to balance the taste.

DS commented that it tasted better than the soupy tomyam from restaurants. My version was a little thicker and drier.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Cooking ~ Spicy Tomyam in History!

My first attempt to make tomyam with prawns.

Okay... I didn't blend all the spices from scratch and I am a self confessed lazy mom because I use the ready packed tomyam spice. BUT... I added some extras for better taste and personal touch.

Am waiting for my guinea pigs to come home to taste it and hopefully 2 thumbs up :)

Here's the recipe to share:

  1. Medium sized prawns (cleaned & keep the shells intact)
  2. A packet of tomyam spice of any brand (since this dish is new in my kitchen vocab, I have yet to study which brand is worth the try)
  3. Fresh tomatoes wedges
  4. Spring onion
  5. Parsley
  6. Onion slices
  7. Garlic
  1. Saute garlic and onions for about 1 minute
  2. Add in the spice and saute till fragrant
  3. Add in parsley and spring onions
  4. Add in water (according to preferred consistency) and simmer
  5. Add in prawns and it is ready once all prawns are thoroughly cooked
  6. Sprinkle the rest of the spring onion and parsley as garnishing.

Prawns added in and simmering

Busy Baby

Managed to find Isabelle something new to keep her occupied. All we needed was her Vtech Smart Wheels and a set of keys (with rounded edges). Being a curious little toddler, this works because it keeps her figuring out how to get the keys in all the holes around the little 'bike'. I am surprised this could easily keep her busy for a good whole 20 minutes!

The equipment


Trying hard and not giving up

Friday, September 3, 2010

I'm Bobby

A few days after my haircut on Monday, I realised it was not edgy enough and I wanted more.

Today I went back to Shawn for some bob-repair work. And I got what I wanted.

And this time, it is R E A L L Y more bob. My DS calls me Bobby now.

I am a happy Bobby mummy :)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Her Word Of The Day

Latest addition to Isabelle's vocabulary.... today she said Heey Yooo...

Her 'hello' sure sounded cute!

Here is a picture holding my mobile and while saying her Heey Yooo.

Household Treasure

Here are some household items I find useful, saves money, environmental friendly and does the job as good as commercial ones.

Old Toothpaste
I saved old toothpaste and those from hotel amenities to clean the sink, faucets & fridge. Love the fresh minty smell afterwards!

Pandan Leaves (Screwpine)
Removes odour from cabinets, cars, wardrobes & any storage spaces. It also keeps ants, lizards & cockroaches away!

I have never tried this but it is said that empty eggshells scare lizards away too.

Uncooked Oil
Smear it over affected area immediately if anyone at home gets scalded by hot water.

Baby Powder
Sprinkle some on oil stained area on clothes before washing with detergent.

Lemony Dishwashing Liquid
A few drops of it in a white plate, filled with water. Mosquitoes somehow is attracted to it and drop dead shortly after drinking the cocktail and usually within 10 feet of the plate. I have not personally tried this though.

Soaked or dip cloth with vinegar and wipe over counter and kitchen tops.

Since I found bleach, I hardly clean our toilets bowls with commercial ones. And it saves me from lots of scrubbing. Just pour bleach around the toilet bowl and leave it preferably, overnight.

I love how my mirrors look after cleaning them with newspaper! Clean mirrors with soapy water and rinse with water. Then use newspaper to wipe it dry for crystal clear mirror :)

Look forward to share some more when I discover anything new and if you have any useful tips to share, I hope to hear from you too :)

Happy cleaning!

Just Another Fun Day

Was a very very hot day but looks like it did not stopped her from having some fun out in the garden.