Monday, May 20, 2013

Birth Story - Gabrielle

7.30am  -  Woke up

7.45am  -   Breakfast and morning prayer with DH and my lovely parents

8.00am  -   Left for hospital

8.10am  -   Checked in 

9.10am  -   Induced

10.00am- 3.20pm  -  Contractions, waiting, moaning, groaning, praying and complaining

3.30pm  -   Received epidural

3.45pm  -  Ahhhh  B L I S S............

4.00pm-4.40pm  -  Rest and chatted with DH and 2 midwives and reminiscing Isabelle's birth story which happened in the same labour room

4.40pm  -  Doctor found out that my water broke by itself.

4.40pm-6.40pm  -  Continued resting

6.45pm  -  Told the nurse about the slight pressure I felt on my left leg.  She then checked and exclaimed that baby is crowning already!!!!

6.45pm  -  Me : "REALLY?? This soon?  So this is it? Do I push now?"

6.57pm  -  And there she is.... Gabrielle... healthy and perfect!!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~  AMEN  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Happy Birthday Gabrielle!!

Finally, she is here!  Please meet Gabrielle our little princess number 2.

And she was born on 1st April! 

Popped at 6.57pm.

Weighing 3.19kg.

/d/d/fd.d.d/fAnd her arrival has made our life busier, sleep deprived (for me definitely)
but complete our life and family

 in so many special ways that we can't imagine.