Friday, September 23, 2011

She Is All Grown Up

Tonight marks the 3rd night in a row she went to bed without her best friend aka pacifier. Hooray! I didn't anticipate that she would wean herself off it, this soon and this easily! Pacifier is only given to her to lull her to sleep at night and nap, and we pull it away from her once she dozes off. She hardly cries for it in the middle of night and would go back to sleep quite instantly. Although she was not seriously addicted to it or can't live without it (and occasionally does fall asleep without it at all), 80% of the time, she needs it to go to bed.

*picture sourced from google search - modified

We had initially planned to wean her off at 1.5 years old. She is now 2 years and 4 months. Yes, we put our plans on hold. I can't even remember why. Lazy parents, I guess.

I had previously thought and imagined of countless ways to wean her off it. I was also afraid and worrisome of how was I going to cope with her tantrums during the process. But now that it happened, on her own accord, I am SO relief! And shame on me for having so little faith. I should have had more faith that when she is ready, things will just fall into places. "Isabelle, Mommy & Daddy is very proud of you! And thank you for making this such a breeze for Mommy"

*picture sourced from google search

Apart from feeling a great sense of achievement, I have a mixed feeling. This milestone dawned on me that my girl is growing up fast. I am missing her being a little baby. She is growing to be independent and I miss having her relying on me. She can do so many things on her own now that I feel she need me less. Sigh.

Does any Mommies out there feel the same or is it just me?


Kiddothings said...

Yes, I felt the same way with my boy. It's also a sign to have a second one *hint*

COngrats on the binky weaning success!

I'm a full-time mummy said...

Yeay, another milestone! Good job for Belle!

Wait till you have the 2nd child. Belle will seem grown up suddenly!

Alison@Mama Wants This said...

Congratulations on being pacifier-free! I had mixed feelings about weaning my son off breastfeeding a few months ago. One part of me really wanted to stop (he was almost 18 months), the other was reluctant to let go of something that was just the two of us, and also how he'd react. I did not give him enough credit - he weaned easily and without complaint. It was much easier than I thought!

Catheryn @ Pink Bibs said...

Germaine ~ Thank you. I give all the credit to Isabelle herself. I didnt do anything at all. :) 2nd one... eerrr....

Jenny ~ No need to wait till 2nd one, she is already very grown up for me. bye bye babyhood.

Alison ~ Thank you! I can relate to how you felt. I guess parenthood is also about letting go when it is time huh?