Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Isabelle Turns 2!

This is an overdue post.

We recently had a birthday bash to celebrate Isabelle turning 2 on the same weekend as Mother's Day. It was initially meant to be a cozy little party, just 2 or 3 friends. But then, we decided to invite a few more friends, friends with kids Isabelle knows or at least met before. The more kids, the merrier. After all, this IS a kids' party.

Our invitation list grow from 8 person to about 30! And also because of short notice, we had a little problem getting a good caterer and baker. Organizing everything from scratch, just the 2 of us, in 6 days time was quite a task. From booking and decorating the venue, appointing a caterer, baker, part-time maid to help with clean up, invitation list, party packs, refreshments.... endless. But it was worth the hard work, headache and worries when we see our little girl having such fun with all her little friends !

And we are so thankful for the help from our family and friends (you know who you are!) and also for all the good friends who came and make the party such a joyful event. Specially to my DH, thank you so so so much for your endurance and for chaffeuring me everywhere to get the stuffs for the party! Muacks!

Here are some pictures from the party. Enjoy!

The Decorations
Ran out of ideas to decorate the tables so I used 3 bouquet of fresh flowers, 1 bouquet of artificial hydrangeas and a basket of jellies and candies for decoration
For fresh flowers I used : Light pink gebras, shocking pink carnations, white poms poms, baby breath and eucalyptus leaves and some tealight candles (not in the picture)

The Party packs
For Mommies : Floral paperbags (since it is Mother's Day)
For the kids: 1 set of color pencils, marshmallows, Mamee and blower

The DIY door sign.
I wish I had more time and resources to make a better one (next year!)

The Food
Chocolate cupcakes by my very good friend Kiran. Yummy!
Can anyone guess what is underneath the cupcakes? It is actually my Crabtree box that I turn into a display tray. Saves the earth and money!

The cake!
Minnie Mouse theme from True Flavors.
Cake flavor : Chocolate Moist Cake with Dark Cherries

The Kids and The Clown
The highlight of the party
(And my little birthday girl having a blast!)

The lovely and thoughtful presents

Thank you!


mom2kiddos said...

Wow you're very good with the decorative stuff. Love the flowers, party packs and the use of the Crabtree tin. What a unique cake too! Where did you have the party?

Catheryn @ PinkBibs said...

Thank you!

If not because of the marked up price of the flowers in conjunction of Mother's Day, I would have bought even more flowers!

We had the party at our condo's multipurpose hall :)

I'm a full-time mummy said...

Oh please.. with that short amount of time and you can still make this an awesome party? (which I missed so so sorry again! Maybe next year :D)

You did a great job! And, no matter what, it's the company that matters, and seeing the look of happiness on your princess face on her special day!

Happy belated 2 year old birthday again to Isabelle! :D

Catheryn @ PinkBibs said...

Hey Jenny!

Thank you! Yes, you missed it and there is always next time :)

You are absolutely right, it is the company that matters.

LittleLamb said...

Great job! Give urself a pat on the shoulder. Most important everyone had a good time and a memorable event that everyone will remember :)

Catheryn @ PinkBibs said...

Thank you Little Lamb!!

Now that I know how to make it better, I can invite more friends next round! :)