Saturday, November 5, 2011

One Day When You Become a Mother

You will finally understand

... when your child cranky, you try your best to calm her down but it does not work all the time

... you can't make your little child obey every single word or instruction coming from you eventhough it might be for their own good

... a child is an individual and they have their rights (yes, you read it right)

... children have their 'off days' too and that it is totally alright for them to loose it once a while after all they are humans like us too

... that a child will stand when you ask her to sit, scream when you beg her to whisper and run wildly when you demanded her to crawl

... it is not your wish to have a sick child so yeah, blame it on the bad weather

... it is impossible for me to just pack and leave as and when I please

... how lousy it feels having to turn down all the invitation I get for ladies night out, hightea or even just a cuppa coffee

... why I have to drop whatever I am doing everytime the "Mummy!!!" siren goes on.

... the reason why we put ourselves second (or last) in most of the things that we do

... that punctuality is not always achieved as we need to clean someone's butt just when we were to open the door to leave the house for an outing.

... that it is not my choice to be backlogged fashionably and I have to wear flats ALL THE TIME. Try running after your little monkey in stilettos in future and I will award you with a trophy if you can outbeat me.

... that it's totally beyond anyone's control and it is not your fault when your baby scream and cry and screech in restaurant and how much you want to dig a hole and bury your head when others can't stop staring at you with 'that' look and how frustrated that feels and also how much you want to give them a big piece of your mind but you know you can't

... being a mother is not the most glamourous job in the world but it is one of the most meaningful job one could ask for


I'm a full-time mummy said...

Totally agree.. wait til you have 2 kids and the 'mummy' siren goes on...and on...and on... and on....

Catheryn @ Pink Bibs said...

Jenny, yeah, that siren is doubly powerful for you now :)

Carolyn (Lil' Dahling) said...

Yeah..totally agree! But we still enjoy being a mother, right?

Catheryn @ Pink Bibs said...

Yes Carolyn, eventhough it is tough and calls for a lot of courage, patience and sacrifice, we enjoy being a mother. :)