Sunday, May 6, 2012

Being Green and Staying Green

How do you stay green?  DIY some home made enzyme?  Plant your own greens?  Recyling? 

In my previous attempt to be green and environmentally friendly, I sometimes fail and usually not consistent (though I am rather loyal with my tiffin carrier and very much against using those styrofoam when we 'tapau').  But I am always trying and looking for ways to minimise my 'failures'.  When BYOB comes to town, so much nearer to where I am staying, I felt so delighted!!  Finally, they opened up an outlet near my place.  I have heard about them but they operate so far away from our home and the thought of traveling such a distant kinda put of the idea of staying green.

But now that they are nearer, I have no excuses not to do my part.

I love their concept.  Bring Your Own Bottle and get them filled up with all the household cleaning products you need.  I no longer have to chuck away used bottles and feel guilty of polluting our already very much polluted environment. 

That's not all.  With this concept, we only pay a fraction of price we pay for products we can find from the store.  Not only it helps to keep our wallet smiling but takes care of Mother Earth at the same time. 

Come, say Hello to my new friends at home!

Laundry Detergent, Dish washing liquid, Pine Disinfectant Gel & Mop Shine

Innovatively creative Campbell Soup Can Lights at the Damansara BYOB outlet

I understand from the owner of this outlet that not all the products from BYOB Concept are entirely green but they are definitely plant based, biodegradable and they try to include as much natural ingredients as they possibly can.  It is said that IT IS in the company's pipeline that they are coming up with something 'really green' and ecofriendly. 

That is good enough, for now.  At least, we can stop stuffing the earth with plastic bottles.  So, save up your bottles from now on!

Here is what I thought about the products:

Pine Disinfectant Gel *FAVOURITE*
  • Has a little Dettol-ish smell.  To me, it smells 'clean' and refreshing in a way
  • Comes in gel and thick texture.  Dilute it with some water and it is good to go.
  • I mix it in my laundry, when I mop the floor and cleaning the toilet

Laundry Detergent
  • Blue coloured liquid.  Looks like Dynamo. 
  • Gives us very clean clothes.
  • Smells fresh!

Mop Shine
  • Really does what it claims!  Floor stays shiny and squeaky clean for days!!
  • Again, smells wonderfully fresh!

Dish washing Liquid
  • Gentle on my hands.  My ever so sensitive fingers stop acting up on me.  No more skin peeling off my ring finger.

What I want to try next :
  • Bleach
  • Scouring Cream
  • OMG Insect Repellent (I know, sounds outrageously interesting doesn't it???)

What can I do with used oil bottles and containers?
  • They are too greasy and too difficult to be cleaned for reusing purposes.  If anyone out there has any idea what to do with it, please share with me!  Thank you!

Till my next report on this green goodies and concept, do your part, take care of our mother earth while you keep your wallet happy and stay prettily green!!  You can make a difference for the sake of our next generation. 

Reduce . Reuse .  Recyle .  Refill


Quay Po Cooks said...

Great post. It is so good of you to do your part to safe mother earth.

Catheryn @ Pink Bibs said...

thk u Qp for dropping by! it is my honour to have you here!

go green!

Carolyn (Lil' Dahling) said...

Damansara? Still far for me. :( but can recycle plastic bottles also right?

Catheryn @ Pink Bibs said...

Hi Carolyn

They have few outlets across Klang Valley. I think they have outlets in Kajang, Subang, Setapak and Klang.

Are you living in any of these area? Check them out if you are.

Yes, you can recycle used bottles by sending them to recycling centres too . But this concept helps you to reuse your own bottles. :)

I am all for it and their products are honestly worth it!