Thursday, December 13, 2012

Preggy No.2 Update2 - Week 23

Yes, time flies eh? 

Week 23.  Nausea is almost completely gone.  But backache and sleeplessness start to kick in.  Not forgetting, the frequent visits to the washroom during midnight.  I miss sleeping through the night.  

But it is all worth it whenever I feel baby moving and kicking.  The first time I felt it was sometime in the beginning of November.  It felt like butterflies fluttering  Although I am a mother for the second time, it all felt new and surprising.  It reminds of my first pregnancy.  Very nostalgic and sweet.

Isabelle enjoys feeling the kick by putting her hands on my tummy and once, she saw baby kicking so hard my tummy jumped.  She giggled.  So sweet.  

No, my obgyn can't confidently tell from the scan if Isabelle will be getting a sister or brother.  But DH is hoping for a girl!! You gotta be kidding!  However, I only pray for a healthy baby regardless of gender.

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