Monday, February 4, 2013

Adios Pacifier & Bottle!!!

Isabelle finally weaned herself off pacifier & bottle, totally!


Her first attempt to sleep without the help of pacifier was short lived.  However, this time around, we know it is for good and she is all for it.  She punctured her own pacifier and we told her, the shops do not sell pacifier for big girls like her so we will not be able to replace it for her.  She took our words and this is her 2nd week without it.  No, she didn't even fuss over it or ask for it.

*image sourced from google search*


We started to train Isabelle to have her milk fix using bottles with straws throughout the day about few months ago except her first bottle of milk in the morning.  Last 2 weeks, again, she bit the bottle nipple and we told her the same thing, that we can't find any to replace for her.  So she will have to drink her milk with cup and straw.  And she did!!!

*image sourced from google search*NO MORE BOTTLES!!

Looks like Isabelle is all ready to be a big cherh cherh and I am so proud of her. :)

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Carolyn (Lil' Dahling) said...

Big jie jie she is! Congrats to you and Isabelle.