Sunday, August 18, 2013

Belle Says - - Weddings

The below conversation was the result after we attended a couple of weddings lately and Isabelle asked about 'princess' (aka the bride) and weddings. 
Isabelle:  The princess at the wedding day is so pretty! I want to be like her.
Mummy:  Yes, you will be, one day, when you grow up.
Isabelle:  Like Snow White, Rapunzel princess? Are they like the princess during the wedding day?
Mummy:  Errrmmm... yes but a little different.  The princess during the wedding day is a bride.
Isabelle:  Hah? Bride? She is a princess la!
Mummy:  Yeah, a bride looks like a princess.  When you grow up, you will marry a special boy and he will become your husband.  Like Daddy & Mummy.  And when you get married, that is like the princess like we saw on the wedding day. 
Isabelle:  Then where will the boy live?
Mummy:  Then you and the boy, your husband, will live in a nice house.
Isabelle:  Hah?  What about you and Daddy?
Mummy:  Daddy & Mummy will live here and you will come visit us.
Isabelle:  Then I don't want to be the princess on the wedding day and I don't want to get married! I want to stay with you forever! (tears framing her eyes)

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