Monday, January 24, 2011

Our Potty Story

We clapped and cheered while our little angel looked at us, stunned and then looked back at the potty. She must be wondering why are we making a fuss over her filled up potty. :) Yes, she finally peed in her potty! :)

Another milestone for all of us.

Wishing all of you a lovely week ahead!

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cheri said...

congratulations! jackjack has been peeing in the potty for quite some time now, but i have yet to make him comfortable to drop his poo in it :(

Catheryn @ PinkBibs said...

Thanks Cheri!

Jackjack is such a good boy to pee in the potty. Saves a lot of moolah on diapers :)

We have a long way to go in training our little Belle using her potty for all her 'businesses' :)

I'm a full-time mummy said...

Good job Belle! We're still taking it slow with Ben. One day, he pees inside, the next day he kicked the potty away... sigh...

Catheryn @ PinkBibs said...

Thanks Jenny!

Yes, we are taking it slow too. Will let Belle learn at her own pace. We will just continue to try our luck :)