Monday, January 31, 2011

Dedicated To : Those Without Kids (Yet)

During a lunch in a restaurant recently, while 2 mummies yak on, Isabelle and my friend's son communicated to each other across the table, by not talking, or babbling, but screaming. And they were having a blast doing that. I know their screams may not be music to all ears, not even to me but kids will be kids. And with that, they attracted some unwanted attention from the next table of a group of young office workers. I can accept the stares as I have been there, done that. But I heard one of them made a Malaysian remark 'Aiyoooo....' and with a face expression saying 'Why can't these 2 mummies and 2 kiddos do their lunch and shut up their kids?'. I tried to keep my cool while I tried to quiet down Isabelle by distracting her with some food. It worked on Isabelle but not my friend's son who was still on high screaming. But we managed to keep their mouths full with food so that they can't scream any further.

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Our young audience from next table continued to watch and (I believe) was still talking about us. I can't help but to look at them and then turn to my friend telling her (hoping these youngsters would hear me as they sitting near enough to hear even a whisper), "These young people had been a baby and toddler themselves before and they have most probably did the same thing our kids did earlier. Scream. They should learn to be more understanding towards parents but can't blame them because they are just so young and have a long way to go. Wait till they become parents one day with screaming kids like ours." Then I just turn to them again and gave them a big smile. It ended the staring game.

Call me sarcastic. But my tolerance level towards such audience, is very low.

Have you encountered such situation and what would you do? Would you have go for the sarcastic resort like I did?


I'm a full-time mummy said...

Way to go mummy! Wait till it's their turn one day!

Catheryn @ PinkBibs said...

Thank you Jenny. I know I should have just ignored them but their stares and remarks just ticked me off!

Anonymous said...

I think u did the right thing, to stare is one thing, but to make such remark in front of u and ur friend is way too much. I mean its true when we are single we do not understand how... but to comment right in front.. that's just horrible.

Catheryn @ PinkBibs said...

Thanks Lyn for 'agreeing' with my action. I did felt a little silly after doing that but at that very moment, that was the only thing I could do. I mean, poor innocent kids being accused and mocked at, just like that, at such tender age. One thing for sure, they have been young themselves before, many years ago. tsk tsk.