Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Night In The Hospital .... Not...

I was in the kitchen making Isabelle's milk for her supper. DH was out for a discussion meeting with his staff at a nearby cafe. Mom was in the shower. Dad was watching the news. Isabelle was playing on the floor.

Suddenly, she was wailing and Dad carried her up in his arms. She slipped off the pillow she was trying to sit on and then landed on her elbow. She would usually cry for as short as 1-2 minutes when she hurt herself. But last night, she continued crying for as long as I can remember! She did not want to move her right hand and did not allow any of us to touch her.
DH rushed home after my 911 call to him. Checked and then we decided it is best to make a visit to the A&E at a hospital nearby.

The journey to the hospital itself and packing up for us (just in case she need to be admitted) is a nightmare for me. Her first and last visit to the same A&E was when she had croup. And I never thought we had to come back here, again, this soon. At the same time, I can't stop my imaginative mind from running wild. I was already picturing my little baby being wrapped up, need to be operated, all bandaged up etc....

Anyway, registered her and the nurse took her temperature and other details. Waited for the doctor on call to see us. Then waited again for the radiographer to take her X-ray. And here comes the drama.

Our little drama queen took the whole team 30 minutes just to take a shot of x-ray which actually requires only 2 seconds the most. As much as it annoys me that the team did not know how to coax a little child to get it done, it broke my heart into million pieces to hear her cry and struggle. DH took her into the X-ray room first time. Radiographer came out and told us the shots were not clear so we had to do it again. I went in with her 2nd time. Probably she had used up most of her energy to fight during the first round. So 2nd round was way much faster and easier as she fought more subtly.

*picture sourced from google search

Waited for the doctor to see us again and thank God (Hallelujah!!!!), X-ray shows no fracture or dislocated shoulder or anything at all. Despite feeling the big relief, it still puzzles us why was she in pain earlier. The doctor explained that it could be a pulled elbow and most probably went back into its original condition after the struggle in the X-ray room. We were sent home to observe her a day or two.

Well, above all that, we were all just so grateful and thankful that she is alright and spared from what-could-have-been-worse.

Thank you Lord!


mom2kiddos said...

Oh my! I would've felt the same way. Really praise God that she's fine. She memang drama queen ah?!

Catheryn @ PinkBibs said...

Yah. Drama queen she is! I have no idea where she learn from :)

But thank God she is safe and sound.

And now we tell her 'Xray' whenever she tries to be mischievous.

I'm a full-time mummy said...

Oh my oh my! What a drama! Thank God everything is fine!

If I am in your case, sure habis... I mean, pregnant mum cannot be in X-ray area ma... :( and being a mummy's boy, his 1st thing is to call up for me already!

Just observe see got any bruises or swollen part or anything la, just in case. Thank God she's OK!

Catheryn @ PinkBibs said...

THanks Jenny!

Yeah. Preggy moms are not allowed in Xray room/area.

Thank God she is ok, Praise the Lord!

LittleLamb said...

Glad she is ok now..
Just continue to monitor for any abnormal behavior ..

Catheryn @ PinkBibs said...

Thanks Rachel!

You have a great weekend ahead ;)

lyncpf513 said...

Oh dear, Praise Lord thank Lord~!!!
Luckily nothing major damage! except a big scared!

Twice manfred got rush to A&E I was on vacation, my parent got the heart attack!

Catheryn @ PinkBibs said...


Yeah, it shocked and scared us. My parents were here when it happened and they were so kanceong. I can imagine your parents' reaction with Manfred too.

But thank God she is alright.