Thursday, February 9, 2012

Eat Out ~ Air Itam Laksa

Was craving for some authentic laksa so we made a day trip to Penang.  
Dad wanted to try the famous Air Itam laksa.  
As bonus, we had muarchee and original nutmeg drink!

Laksa at Air Itam
(Jalan Pasar, near market)
- Noodles was springy and not too translucent.  Very solid.
- Laksa soup taste delicious with just enough fish flakes/meat
- Not too spicy.
- Topped with lots and lots of heh koh (prawn paste)
- Very old school ambience :  Right by the road side.

Investigating and toying around with muarchee
- Muarchee was very yummy too!
- Every piece of the muarchee was luxuriously coated with peanuts.  So different from the ones we tried at Gurney Drive.
-  So good we pack another box to take away.

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