Monday, July 9, 2012

Cooking ~ Sambal Heh Bee (Dried Prawns)

After many weeks of irregular cooking due to being away, having visitors around, being 'tour guide', I am back!!  I got a little bit more ambitious today.  I made my Mom's recipe, sambal heh bee!  And I am glad to say that it turn out not bad at all albeit first try.  If only Mom read blogs, she will be happy to know I master one of her recipe.
One bowl of dried prawns (soaked in water & blended/pounded)
Blended Ingredients:
1.  5-6 shallots or 3-4 big onions (blended)
2.  5-6 bulbs garlic (blended)
3.  3-4 red chili (blended)
4.  3-4 dried red chili (soaked in water & blended)
1.  Tamarind juice
2.  Toasted belacan/shrimp paste
3.  2-3 tsp palm sugar
1.  Heat oil and fry blended ingredients till fragrant.  Should take about 6-8 minutes
2.  Add in toasted belacan, stir well till fragrant.
3.  Add in blended dried prawns and fry till fragrant.
4.  Add in palm sugar, stir well.
5.  Add in tamarind juice.  Adjust to preferred taste.  (Tamarind juice in this recipe should not make this dish taste tangy but to balance the taste).
6.  Stir till the liquid dries up.
7.  Done.  The frying process takes about 10-12 minutes.
Me -  I wish I learn to make this sooner!!! I can have Mom's cooking at home more often now!
DH - "Good. Good. Cut more cucumber to eat with this."
DS -  "Good!!!"
Lesson learnt.  Wear gloves when dealing with chilis.  I had to endure the stinging on my fingers.  But I found a remedy online after all my attempts failed.  Rub with salt, lubricate with some water.  Wash off the salt with milk.  I repeated this process for 3 times and it works!!!


Anonymous said...

I been having stinky fingers ever since I start cooking! All the shallots and onions... not to mention i cook frequently curry dish some more

Catheryn @ Pink Bibs said...

Wow Lyn! You must make me your curry when we have a playdate again!!

There is a remedy to remove garlic perfume from fingers. Either wash fingers with lemon juice or scrub with toothpaste. :)