Friday, August 3, 2012

Cooking ~ Mee Rebus aka Mee Jawa

Mee rebus or known as Mee Jawa to some, is one of my favourite food.  When I was younger, my Mom used to buy this for me from the Taiping market once a week.  Here in PJ, it is difficult to find one that taste close to this version or suits my tastebud.  They are either too starchy or too watery.  And this is also one of the food I crave for most of the time.  Therefore, I challenged myself to make one to feed my cravings.

1.  One bowl of steamed and blended potatoes
     (I used half potatoes and half sweet potatoes)
2.  1 packet of curry paste
3.  Chicken or Ikan bilis stock or water (3-4 bowls)
4.  2-3 Diced fresh tomatoes

GRAVY - Seasonings
1.  Asam juice (about 3-4 tsps)
2.  2-3 tsp tomato sauce (optional)
3.  2 tsp of palm sugar/sugar
4.  2-3 tsp fish sauce or 1-2 tsp salt

1.  Noodles (I did a mixture of yellow noodles and meehoon)
2.  Sliced fried beancurd
3.  Fried crispy youtiau (chinese crullers)  *Usually, prawn crackers are used as garnishing
4.  Hard boiled eggs
5.  Crushed toasted peanuts
6.  Spring onions (optional)  *I could not find beansprout, I figured this would do
7.  Sambal belacan (optional)

1.  Heat oil and saute curry paste till fragrant.
2.  Add in stock/water and simmer.
3.  Add in blended potatoes and also tomatoes.  Stir well. 
4.  Add in seasonings and simmer for another 10 mins.  Adjust seasoning according to own preference.
5.  To serve, arrange noodles in bowl with garnishings.  Top with the gravy.  Enjoy.

Me - Not bad for a first try!!!
DH - Woah.  Can you make this next week again?


Kiddothings said...

Salute! I'm also very picky with mee jawa - it's got to be just right to suit my tastebuds. Hope to try this one day ;)

Catheryn @ Pink Bibs said...

looking forward to know about your mee jawa soon!

FiSh. ohFISHiee said...

i love something heavier in taste, more sourish :D

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Catheryn @ Pink Bibs said...

yeah! i like them slightly thick and tangy too!