Wednesday, February 2, 2011

CNY Shopping Accomplished!

Although this is not a necessity, but I am very happy that finally, everyone has something new to wear to usher in the new year. Neither are we superstitious because we even wore black outfits for new year which is a taboo to some Chinese tradition. But because DH is a thrifty person when it comes to himself, I made it a point to him that he MUST get at least a shirt a year, for the new year. And for Isabelle, it is only natural we want to doll her up in pretty clothes all year long this new year as she will surely going to be the centre of attention.

We usually start scouting for new clothes about 2-3 weeks prior to new year. But this year, wedid the not-so-norm. We went to The Gardens this evening to finish up our assignment. And it was so relaxing because the usual crowd at the mall was nowhere to be seen. It feels so spacious and free! Probably most of the people from the city have already started the yearly pilgrimage back to their beloved hometowns. I even joked with DH that maybe it would be wiser to do it this way for the years to come, last minute shopping.

As in why I chose The Gardens was because I missed out on Zara’s sales which carries a range of pretty and sophisticated collection of kids’ apparels. And my alternate resort was to head to Isetan in The Gardens which I know I can find something I would like. And thank God, I found Trudy & Teddy. I will share the photos of my little princess in the pretty dresses soon! But I am still thinking dearly of Zara Kids. I must not miss the next sales again.

One of the dresses from Zara kids which got me drooling and still drooling

*Picture sourced from

DH got himself an shirt in ash grey tone and a pair of classis blue jeans from Marks & Spencer. Handsome!

As for me, I managed to grab a simple top from Dorothy Perkins in dark mocha last 2 weeks (yeah, I am a coward because I dare not wait to hunt for my clothes too near to the new year). Photos coming up soon!

And our last minute shopping rendezvous ended with a ribsy note. We had our dinner at Tony Romas (unfortunately, their famous pork ribs are not in our local menu - for religious reasons). I am not a big fan of the ribs here so I opted for the pacific cod steak, pan seared sesame crusted served with rice and lots of greens. The captain suggested I try their scampi butter so did I. But the butter looked like a bowl of greasy oily heart attack causing cooking oil. I just left it untouched. The fish was juicy and tender. DH had Rib Combo Dinner (2 ribs and a stick of char-grilled giant shrimps). I love the succulent shrimps! Isabelle had her porridge I brought from home and stole some of our food. (Sorry, didn't capture any photos because the food was served very quickly and we gobbled them down very quickly too because we were very hungry)

Well, that was our first time last minute shopping story. And, here is wishing you and loved ones a happy, healthy, joyful and harmonious year of Rabbit!


I'm a full-time mummy said...

Wah, great time to shop! Glad to know you guys are also not superstitious like some people I know..

As for new clothes... sigh, today I spent more than half hour (that was like 6 times more than my usual timing) choosing, trying, stashing, digging and ended up with 1 pink top that I could decently wear for our family dinner... The rest are getting tight (you know what I mean..) and some are too loose for this stage (you also know what I mean...)


Catheryn @ PinkBibs said...

Hey Jenny!

Yes, it was a good time to shop, no long queues at fitting room and the cashier. But also, there is a downside, most sizes and colors would have been sold out. But my DH and Isabelle was lucky.

Oh... ok ok ... I get what you mean :) But finally you managed to dig out something that fits :)

LittleLamb said...

Hubs is local? You didnt need to balik kampung?

Happy New year to you n family :)

Catheryn @ PinkBibs said...

Yes. HB is local and we balik to my hometown on the first day afternoon.

Hope you had a great new year :)