Friday, February 11, 2011

Progress of Our 21 month old Isabelle

Isabelle never fail to amaze us with what she can say or do from time to time. She can now pronounce her own name (mastered it many weeks ago although not very accurate) and I forgot to blog about (Mommy is getting very forgetful). Here's an update of what she learn recently (for our own record) and

Short Sentence/General Words/People/Objects etc

Isabelle ~ Ah Bee Selle (tried correcting her countless times but to no avail and we have decided to let it be)

No More Lights ~ Mo More lights

Put here

Come down

Go there

Zhou Kai ~ Move away (in Mandarin)

Ji Lai ~ Stand up (in Mandarin)

I Dont Want ~ I Doe Nut

Give Me ~ Gimme

Bye Bye < ..person / name.. >

Where is < ..person / object.. >


Coconut ~ Co coat Nut


Music ~ Mee Seek

Pai Pai Shou ~ Clap hands (in Mandarin)

WOW ~ she wows at things that she finds interesting and yummy (for food)

Faster ~ Phas-ta


Rabbit ~ Air-Bit

Piano ~ Phan No

Music/Songs (Able to sing part of the song & hum the tune of the whole song)

ABC Song ~ A, B, C, D, E, F, G, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, Dha-ba-u, X, Y, Z, Now I know my abc, Sing with me

Ke Ren Lai (Mandarin song) ~ Ke ren lai, XXX, Ba Ba Bu Zai Jia, bo jing ke ren xian zou xia, jai jing ee pei cha

Jingle Bell ~ Jing-ger bao, jing-ger bao... hey!

* My pinyin would most probably be inaccurate due to my poor Mandarin *

Physical activities

Self feed with spoon and fork (with very little mess)

Drinking from cup with little or no spilling

Emerging habits of being clean & tidy freak

· * * Bringing her own clothes to put into the laundry basket

Pi* Picking up rubbish from the floor and soiled diapers to throw into dustbin (usually without being told to do so)

· * * Flatten out wrinkle looking surfaces i.e. bed sheets and floor mats


I'm a full-time mummy said...

Hooray for new milestones!

I wasn't even thinking of teaching Ben ABCs yet until yesterday when I asked him whether he wants me to teach him ABC and he recites back ABC to me... :P Guess I should start teaching now whooppsss...

Catheryn @ PinkBibs said...

wow! Ben is fast too! Can recite abc even before you start teaching him! :) Hooray for you and Ben too :)