Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pets Today, Dinner Tomorrow

Looking at how fast the chicks grow is a reality check on how time really flies! They were so fragile and tiny 3 months ago. Today, a hen, a rooster and a duck, and ready to be our dinner, soon, tomorrow actually. My parents decided to send the rooster to heaven first so that the other 2 can live the last days of their lives on earth peacefully because he is a big bully.

They have been not only pets aka toys but pretty ornaments in my parents’ garden. Not forgetting, great companion to my mom when she does her gardening, for the past 3 months. And because our kitchen window faces the garden where the chicken and duck roams freely, it is always fun to watch them while we do the dishes or cook. It feels heavy to see them ending up on our dinner plates. But a chicken has got to do what a chicken does.

Thank you for your chicky companionship and your 6am crows will be missed, honestly.

Then... tiny duckling

Then... little chick

Now... a hen, rooster and a duck

Tomorrow... dinner
*picture sourced from google search


Mama Hen said...

The picture of the chick is so cute. Time really does fly. That picture in the end reminds me of the movie with Rock Hudson long ago when the children realize the turkey they named Pepe was Thanksgiving dinner. They started to cry. I hope you are doing well. Have a good weekend!

Mama Hen

Catheryn @ PinkBibs said...

Thanks for dropping by Mamahen!

Well, Isabelle doesn't understand the situation now but she is asking me... where is chicken? No more cuckoo (chicken crowing)? Cute :)

You have a lovely weekend too!