Sunday, February 20, 2011

Our CNY Agenda

*This is a backdated post. I have meant to post and share this earlier but I did not have my camera cable with me during the past 2 weeks, thus, I could not download the photos. And I want my posts to be accompanied by relevant pictures whenever possible*

The first few days of the CNY was spent either visiting relatives or just sit at home waiting for relatives to drop by. Apart from that, yes, we had all the valid reason to be couch potatoes all day long accompanied by all the sinfully delicious cookies and feeling guilty NOT at all.

3rd day of CNY, we did our yearly CNY Penang trip. First stop was lunch at Gurney Drive's Soong River Restaurant. I have been longing and passionately craving for its Oyster Noodles since last year but apparently, when we arrive, all oysters have been sold out and it was only 12.30pm! We had to settle with other dishes which was nevertheless tasty. Thumbs up for northern food.

Picture taken when we were waiting for our lunch at Song River Restaurant


At Penang Queensbay Mall - Isabelle with a little boy at the Customer Service Counter

Visited Dad's friend in Penang and then, another seafood rendezvouz at Bukit Tambun before we head home! Yummy!! This time we patronised Dad's friend's restaurant. I can't remember the name of the restaurant although I have been there couple of times. Ordered 5 seafood dishes for RM99.00 which was reasonable for CNY. DH get to order his favourite fresh oyster at RM4.50 per oyster. Fresh, plump and juicy. He slurped it down happily and is a jolly joyful daddy! I can't imagine how a raw oyster would taste like and would never try it although he tried to convince me to try them. But it makes me happy to see him happy with his oysters!

H'ordeuvres for DH

Come 5th day of the CNY, it was the once a year get-together for me and my 4 classmates. A gathering we all have been waiting for since it was well, only once a year. The 4 of us, scattered around the country and LL hailed home from Singapore. It is heartwarming to get to gather with old friends and to see faces we are all familiar with. It brings back very nostalgic feeling. This year, again, we had potluck party in Grace's home. I was requested to cook my San Pei Ji. Grace, the host, made soup, steamed fish, meat spring roll (bak kien) and fried vegetables. It was fun to see each other and celebrate our friendship of almost 25 years, our spouses get to know each other and our kids play together. I am already looking forward to our gathering next year even before I left Grace's home.

CNY Must Have - Lou Sang

Highlight of the party - Food! (my San Bei Ji in the white Corningware pot)

Besides the tasty cookies, the foodhunt, going places, meeting friends & relatives, giving & receiving angpows, it is an appropriate time to ponder upon God's blessings and to remind ourselves to be grateful for all the things we often take for granted. And most of the time, the best things in life comes free and is always there surrounding us, love. What is there to celebrate if we are without L.O.V.E.?

And with that, here's wishing you and your loved one a year of good health and love. God Bless :)


lyncpf513 said...

Lovely trips and yummy food! I see that checker dress daddy chose for Isabelle!

Catheryn @ PinkBibs said...

Hi Lyn!

Glad to have you back! Looking forward to your HK updates :)

Nice checker dress eh?

lyncpf513 said...

YEs Yes! Definitely a very nice dress!!