Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cooking ~ Minced Meat Beancurd & Sweetpeas

You get all the nutrients in one pot of ABC soup.  I have this lazy nutritious item on my menu, all in one dish. :)

DH likes it when I cook 2 dish and 1 soup and I do try to make time to cook all that as often as I can.  But this is just one of my plain lazy days.  I am too lazy to think of 2 dishes to cook. Voila!  One dish with all the proteins, iron, fibre and etc, at one go! 

1.  Minced meat (I used pork. Quantity :  About half a rice bowl) 
*Marinate with pepper, a dash of soy sauce and half teaspoon of cornstarch mixed with a little water*
2.  Beancurd (cut into preferred sizes)
3.  Sweetpeas (about half a bowl)
4.  Chopped garlic
5.  Chopped onion
6.  Spring onion *optional

1.  2 tsp soy sauce
2.  1 tsp oyster sauce
3.  1/2 tsp sugar
4.  Pepper
5.  1/4 tsp dark soy sauce
6.  Some water (adjust to preferred consistency)

1.  Panfried beancurd till golden and set aside for later use
2.  Saute onion and garlic till they soften (not brown)
3.  Add in minced pork and stirfry till they caramalised
4.  Add in sauce and let it simmer. (approx 2 mins)
5.  Add in beancurd and let it sit to absorb the gravy. (approx 1 min or so)
6.  Lastly, add in the sweetpeas.  Stirfry just for about a minute and dish out before the sweetpeas turns too soggy.
7.  Garnish with spring onion.

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