Friday, January 13, 2012

Playschool ROCKS!

Today marks another first for Isabelle (and me).  We went to playschool organised by a church nearby.  We had so much fun and most importantly, Isabelle love the place and could not stop talking about it when her Daddy comes home from work! 

Germaine,  thank you so so so much for recommending this place to us!  Truly appreciate your kindness and I am so happy our 2 girls click so well!  I love the scene when they held hands when leaving the school and even when we went to pack lunch.  So lovely and adorable!

Since we were not ready to send Isabelle to a fulltime 5 day a week preschool, this playschool is just right for us.  When Germaine mentioned it to me, I was eager to give it a try.  2 days a week sounds perfect and I didn't have to leave her there all by herself. 

The line up of the programme at the playschool are very organised and thoughtful.  Thoughtful as in, it  not only benefits the children but the mothers as well.  Mothers are to accompany their child throughout the 2 hour session but there is one coffee break for mothers to interact with each other while the teachers supervises the children over at the play corner.  I call that thoughtful!  Full time mothers like us, do not really get time-off or break without the kids climbing over our heads.  So this little 10 minutes sounds like a really good deal!! And I wish I could freeze that 10 minutes! But despite that, I enjoy attending the school with Isabelle. It is a joy to know what she learns and be a part of it.  Afterall, when she is off to school one day, soon, we don't get to do this anymore.

We sang, played and even did some craft.  Since CNY is just around the corner, the kids were taught how to make a mini dragon with angpow packets, papers and straws. 

Isabelle is looking forward to go back to the school and the same goes to me, it is wonderful to meet more full time mummies like myself.

Again, Germaine, hey girl... thank you again! :)

Dragon made of angpow packets, papers and straw

Showing off her first 'masterpiece'


Kiddothings said...

You're SO welcome! It's great to have you and Isabelle along! You're right about the 10 min mommy-break, it went by so fast!

Nice to see Belle playing with her ang pow dragon. My girl can't even be bothered with it! I'm so happy the girls get along well together! Can't wait for playschool to start again! :)

Catheryn @ Pink Bibs said...

Yes! Same here. I am counting days and weeks till the playschool reopens! Thanks again for bringing us along :)

Oh, the angpow dragon is in the dustbin now, vandalised, gone.