Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tuesday's Sweet Treat

After so many hours, it is only TUESDAY!! 

And so, I decided to treat both of us something sweet for lunch today, at Santini.  I had set lunch and my little one wanted cake or icecream.  So I opted something with both! 
Chocolate cookie topped with 4 scoops of icecream! Yes, 4 scoops.  
Oh boy. I end up eating this for lunch and ordered the waiter to pack my set lunch and took it home.

How about you?  How is your week going so far? 

 Are you like me too, feeling that the week seems like crawling away, slowly?


Kiddothings said...

Join playschool and you won't feel your week crawling like that ;)

Where's Santini?

Catheryn @ Pink Bibs said...

Good idea Germaine!

Santini is in the mall next door :) Set lunch not bad. RM16.90 big portion!

Carolyn (Lil' Dahling) said...

4 scoops! A lot but I wouldn't mind coz I love ice-cream!

Yeah you can join Gymboree. :)

Catheryn @ Pink Bibs said...

Ya carolyn. 4 scoopsr are a little too much. We only finish half of it. Too bad, cant tapau them back.

Thx for the idea about gymboree. Now i have more choice. :-)