Thursday, December 30, 2010


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When I left home yesterday, I cried buckets. I literally felt a sharp pain in my heart and I know I left a big piece of my heart back at home.

Not sure if I am too old to cry every time I leave my parents but it is one of the things I can't stop.

I remember how I can't wait to leave home, when I was younger. I wanted freedom. I dreamed of being on my own. I wanted to be a grown up as soon as I can. But now, every thing is just the opposite. And if I am given just one wish by a genie in the bottle, I just want to be close to my loved ones, all of them, in 1 place and never to be separated.

I am in a recovery state of mind. Depending on just the modern telecommunication system to stay in touch and counting the moments to be reunited again, in another few weeks' time. Yes, another few weeks may not sound like a long time but it is to me and I have to keep reminding myself that goodbyes like this are not forever.

At the meantime, yours truly will be working hard to return to my old routine and to be back on my own again.

Thank you my DH for always being so supportive and always being there for me. I know I will be just fine because I have you to go through this with me.

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