Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Rhythm of the Rain

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The sound and the smell of rain here at home, somehow feels different. No rain anywhere else feels the same. It doesn't only give us more cooling weather but also brings back many warm memories of me being at home and young again.

Safe, belonged and loved. This is how being at home feels like and the rain only makes the feeling stronger. It may sound strange to some. But I can relate to rain, very closely and fondly. The town I grew up in has a famous nickname, Rain Town of the country and it very much live up to its name. Yes, it rains a lot over here. Even during drier seasons, we are blessed with occasional showers.

Today's rain will be the last raining episode of year 2010 that I will experience right here in the town I grew up in. Today also marks the last day of my 'holiday' here this year and I will be traveling back to my own home tomorrow. After being here, near to my dear parents for so many weeks, it is only natural to feel awkward that I will be on my own again till my next trip home. But I know I will survive because God also blessed me a wonderful husband who will stand by me, always.

Despite the heavy and sad feeling that I will be saying goodbye to my parents, my home and my holiday, my heart is overwhelmed with thankfulness that God gave me this very special place I call home and that I know I belong to.


I'm a full-time mummy said...

I love rain too! The smell of the rain and the dark cloudy sky is just so beautiful and breathtaking! When I was younger and staying at a flat, I used to just sit and hang around, smelling and enjoying the rain outside the balcony of my 15th floor home. Those were very good memories!

In any case, hope you have a safe trip back home and kudos to your hubby for being so patient and understanding on you being away for so many weeks!

Catheryn @ PinkBibs said...

Thanks! Yes, my hubby has been extremely understanding about my absence from home.

I will miss listening to the sound of rain because living in a condo on the 19th floor, we hardly had the chance to 'hear' the rain falling on any surface.