Monday, April 11, 2011

All Highlands Trips with Family

Ji-Yee (Mom's sister) is in town from Taiwan for a visit with her 2 children and a grandson. It is always nice to have a reunion with relatives we rarely meet. Ji-Yee has 13 kids! Yes, 13!!! And she is 82 this year. With that many kids, it is not surprising she have her offspring in almost every corner of the globe. She spent her time in between Taiwan, Canada and United States. How blessed eh?

As usual when we have guests coming from abroad, we brought them to a few popular local holiday destinations. Since they are not a fan of warm weather, we decided to bring them to the highlands here. Genting and Cameron Highlands. So here is the agenda.

KL & Penang
Covered by a relative - brought them to all the local spots and even a day trip down to Malacca.

Genting Highlands
~Day 1
While we waited for our room in Highlands Hotel, we adjourned for lunch at Genting Palace Restaurant. No photos of the delicate and delicious food because we were all so hungry we literally vacuumed down all the food. Had some dimsum and also nice Chinese dishes to go with rice.

After lunch, our rooms were ready. We spent a while to divide the rooms for our 'entourage'. One room for DH, me and Isabelle. One for Mom and Dad. The bigger room for our guests as there were 3 adults and 1 young child.

Our room - Highlands Hotel

As it was almost 3pm when we settled down, we decided to let the 2 kids take a nap before we go out again.

6pm, everyone got ready to leave for dinner. We settled for dinner at Good Friends Restaurant, one floor right above our hotel. Despite all the reviews I read online, food being served slow and etc, I was glad it didn't happen to us. Again, no photos because we were, again, too hungry to take any photos of the food. But it was yummy!

Dinner, accomplished. As Ji-Yee could not walk very far, Mom went up to the room with her to rest and catch up. The rest of us hit the Indoor Theme park. Played some games and won 457 pieces of tokens. Exchanged 2 pewter keychain with the Skyway logo (good souvenirs for our Taiwanese guests) and 2 pieces of cartoon stickers for 2 kids. Perfect!

Indoor theme park at Genting Hotel

A picture before we head back to the hotel
Misty. Temperature 17.5 degress celcius

DH suggested we leave Isabelle with my parents while 2 of us go 'dating' to the casino. We did and I almost won RM50 with the jackpot but I lost it again. Verdict : Never try to gamble, no matter what and how, win is far from possible.

~Day 2
Had dimsum for brunch, at Good Friends Restaurant again because it was the only outlet with available tables, everywhere else was fullhouse. Food was served slow maybe due to the crowd. But everything was delicious.

Good morning!
View from room - Cable car and Ria apartment

Head back to hotel to pack up. After packing, I head back to the casino. No, not to gamble. I went to the WorldCard counter to collect my card I lost like donkey years ago.

Went to the garden near Theme Park Hotel for some picture taking. Then down we go to adjourn to Cameron Highlands.

DH who has initially planned to return to KL after Genting, changed his mind and head to Cameron with us! And who was the happiest? Yours truly! :)

We stopped at Ulu Yam for the Loh Mee for a late lunch. I am not a fan of Loh Mee but it turn out to be very good! So different from the Loh Mee we can find in KL! 2 thumbs up!

Cameron Highlands
~Day 1
The journey continue and my nausea begin once we reach the windy road of Cameron Highlands (nothing new to me and my family). The stop at the Lata Iskandar Waterfalls did not help a bit. I puked 3 bags of Loh Mee and some coffee. I know, disgusting. I'll spare you the rest of the info. Since I had no help in the car because DH was driving and there was only me to handle Isabelle while my head and stomach churns like mad, I was thankful that she was very cooperative and sat in her car-seat the whole journey up the hill.

Isabelle and Hsien-Chu at Lata Iskandar Waterfalls

Reached our destination at 6.45pm. Head to Chefoo and then straight for dinner after we downloaded all the luggages. Dinner in Cameron, none other than steamboat. After that, pasar malam!!! After so many trips to Brinchang pasar malam, this is the first time I had Brinchang apom! It is so so so so yummy! The shredded coconut filling against the crispy batter is heavenly!

It was like 10pm when we head back to Chefoo. Good night!

~Day 2
Breakfast at Excellent Cafe as usual. I had my nasilemak and coffee. DH had curry meehoon and Isabelle had banana honey pancake. I can't remember what the rest had. But everything from this place is good and never failed us.

Chill out at Chefoo a bit. Took some pictures. Let the 2 kids run and play at the playground. Packed and left for Sungei Palas Boh Plantation Centre. It was raining quite heavily when we reached but soon after that, the rain stopped. We had a table at the edge of the cafe overlooking the plantation and mountains. Beautiful. The misty mountain tops look magnificent. The air was cool, crisp and clean after the heavy downpour. The aromatic tea, delicious pastry and the weather was like a match made in heaven.

Time for tea at the Boh plantation cafe.
Beautiful misty mountain tops (background)

The yummy cakes!
Clockwise from top left: Lemon butter cake, apple pie, sandwich, butter cake and cinnamon carrot cake (BEST!)

End of good times means beginning of nightmare, for me. Another round of nausea and throwing up. And again, nothing new. Thank God Mom was in the car and she took Isabelle so that I could well, throw up to my content. :)


LittleLamb said...

Chefoo is like a budget accommodation place open to public?

Yeah I like reunions. It ALWAYS remind me about family..and the importance of being together. Somehow I cannot express this to my own family.

lyncpf513 said...

such a fulfilling vacation spent!
Catheryn, u must be happy that Isabelle is occupied all the while

Catheryn @ PinkBibs said...

Little Lamb: Chefoo rates is reasonable but not a budget accommodation and not open to public. Reservation has to be made via church. Very clean and well equipped place, except no TV. But who needs TV when you are with loved ones and so much to catch up with? :)

Lyn : Yes! Isabelle is one of the happiest fella during this times!