Thursday, August 4, 2011

Can't Let Go

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A friend recommended us a playschool near our home and her daughter went for a trial class there. We tagged along and check out the place. Isabelle seems to like it. The principal did a simple assessment on Isabelle and found her to be bright and independent. She knows all her numbers, alphabets and very good motorskill for a 2 yr old. So DH and I discussed if it is time for us to send her to 'school'.

After much consideration, if the fees is pretty, we will send her 3 days a week. I see no reason for her to attend a full 5 days classes. Initial plan was to send her for a trial class this morning.

Overslept. Got up at 9.45am and even that was because a phone call came in and woke us up. And yes, it was my friend, whom I have 'dated' to walk our girls to school this morning.

Looking at the clock. We are way too late for school. My mind was trying to crack up reasons why should we just stay home and forget about the school thing till next 2 years.

Here's the conversation :

Me: Do you want to go to school?
Isabelle: Silent
Me: Do you want to go to school? All the friends you met yesterday will be there.
Isabelle: Ok. Let's go. Change change. Let's go
Me: Are you sure? Do you want to go? School?
Isabelle: No... don't want. Home.
Me: Or do you want to stay at home with Mummy?
Isabelle: Ok. I want to stay home and Mummy.
Me: Silent. Happy yet guilty.

3 hours a day, 3 days per week still seems like a lot of time. Maybe I am just not ready to be away from her. Or I am just a Mummy who wants to spend every moment of the day with my little baby. Or could I be a mean Mummy to manipulate my little girl to stay home and not to go to school?

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I'm a full-time mummy said...

One day had to let go la... as much as it pains us to see them running off to join his/her new found friends...

but how come 3 days ar?

Catheryn @ PinkBibs said...

Yeah. one day, sooner or later will have to let her go. but as for now, attending playschool or nursery at 2 is just something extra to keep her occupied. So which is why just 3 days would do. will go full swing 5 days when she reaches the compulsory age to go to school.

And happy hunting to u too!

mom2kiddos said...

In my opinion 2 yo still too young to go to school unless it's a playschool that you can be with her throughout. They have so many many more years of school to come. Let her stay home with you till about 3.5 or 4. Since she's already developing so well. Arrange playdate with friends-la. *hint*

Catheryn @ PinkBibs said...

Germaine ~ LOL!! Ok... what do you think about weekly playdates? Check ur fb for my invitation :)

LittleLamb said...

Hmmm if you ask me..not good. Because you offered something and retracted it. I guess if you dont want her to go school, just be firm and say we are not going to school today and we will be staying at home doing xyz activity.

Catheryn @ PinkBibs said...

Hi rachel,
yes i have to agree with you. i did it wrong and from that day onwards, i stop mentioning 'school' to her. And i am not going to let it bother me till next year.