Thursday, March 10, 2011

The More The Merrier!

If Isabelle is happy to have playdates, I am happier because I have lunch company and it is not just another routine monotonous day at home! The best thing is I don't have to yawn through Mickey Mouse Clubhouse show! :)

Lyn came over with her 2 handsome princes. I made simple lunch for us, rice with chicken in oyster sauce and blanched broccoli. Lyn brought the glorious RT's strawberry and mango mousse cake for dessert.

It took only a while for Isabelle to warm up to Manfred and Jude. And Isabelle can remember Jude from their last date, she was almost chanting 'Jude' when we greet them at the carpark and also after they left. :) How sweet.

Some very funny stuff took place through out the fun session here. While the mummies chat, Manfred seems to be quite intrigued in our conversation and even mimic some of our expression and words. And Manfred tried to do the mat rempit stunt and fell off the bike, knocking the back of his head against a chair behind him. Ouch!!!

Jude was so adorable, mimics almost anything funny that Manfred does. Hehe!

It was just fun to see them play, talk, reacts and even cry :)

Pretty and delicious mango mousse cake


lyncpf513 said...

Jude wants to go aunty house again.... Today while driving back from my mum place, he asked:"we go aunty house ar?"

After probing, he want go play with Isabelle again... And he say aunty spend him rice and cupcake(strawberry mousse cake). Ahhahaah

Catheryn @ PinkBibs said...

Haha!!! oh.. I am so happy to hear that Jude wants to come over again! Such lovely thoughts :)

But Jude... the strawberry mousse cake was from your Mummy.. not Aunty lor... hehe.

Do come again soon as Isabelle also like having your company ;)