Saturday, March 26, 2011

Reflection of a Friendship

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I just expressed to a new yet very good friend that I am so blessed to know her. Time is not the most accurate way to measure the depth of a friendship. It is the trust, respect, chemistry and honesty.

What does friendship really means? How do you define true friends?

Friendship & friends....
  • Someone who dares to tell you that dress make you look like a hippo or bamboo stick, and you will not feel offended.
  • Someone who don't agree (blindly) to everything that you said or do just to please you
  • Someone who have the guts to critic your cooking so that you can improve
  • Someone who calls you for no reason
  • Someone who calls you when they need help
  • Someone who may not call you often but you know you are near to each other's hearts and thoughts
  • Someone who encourages you in times of need
  • Someone who is not stingy in praising you (at the right time, for the right things)
  • Someone who will be angry (out of worry and concern) not getting your returned call
  • Someone who don't judge you by how much you have in your savings account
  • Someone who don't mind giving more than receiving
  • Someone who does not care about your background or history and still love you the same
  • Someone who self invites themselves to any party you organizes
  • Someone who you know will be there for you in any circumstances (if not, they will surely get back to you soonest they can)
  • Someone who you won't feel bored even if you see her/him every day up to 3 times a day
  • When you don't need to pretend or be someone you are not
  • You can be yourself (or be at your worst) and you know you won't be judged
  • Not having to hold back your feelings and be true to each other
  • You can tell her/him that you are blessed to know them and not feel embarrassed of wearing your heart on your sleeves

If you have a friend who fits into half if not all of the categories above, do let them know. You have nothing to loose but make a true friend smile and know your friendship is worth it all!

*picture sourced from google search

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