Friday, March 18, 2011

Cooking ~ Pumpkin Rice Flour Cake (Kim Kua Kuey) - Steamed & Panfried

This is one savory snack I can have for breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner and even supper! I grew up eating this snack every now & then. My aunt (who is also my god mom) whom I fondly called her Mami, was an expert making this special snack and always made it for me when I was young. But I do not longer have this chance because she has been called home by the Lord. I miss her dearly and by learning to make this dish, it feels that I am keeping her love and memories alive.

Fillings ~
1. 1 medium size pumpkin. Cut off skin and remove seeds. Cut the flesh into strips (or any size or shapes preferred)
2. Garlic (chopped)
3. Onion (sliced)
4. 7-8 mushrooms (soaked in water and diced)
5. Dried prawns (soaked in water and minced)
6. Pork belly (thinly sliced and cut into strips)
7. For seasonings - pepper, salt & sugar
8. Water or chicken stock

Batter ~
1. 600 gm of rice flour
2. 2 tsp of corn starch
3. 800 ml water
4. A pinch of salt and pepper

1. Mix the batter ingredients. Strain and put aside.
2. Heat oil in a pan and saute onion and garlic till fragrant
3. Add in the pork belly. Let them sweat.
4. Once the pork belly is slightly golden, add in dried prawns. Fry till they start to dance on the pan.
5. Add in diced mushrooms. Fry till they are well combined.
6. Add in pumpkins. Let all the ingredients coat the pumpkins.
7. Add in seasonings.
8. Pour in water, just enough to cover the pumpkins. Simmer for about 2-3 mins.
9. Lower the fire and pour in the flour mixture (step 1). Continue to stir till the batter become dry and sticky. Keep fire low.
10. Remove and fill them up in container to be steamed. Steam for approx 45 mins-1 hour or till they batter become firm or thoroughly cooked (check by sticking in a chopstick in the middle of the cake and the chopstick comes out clean).
11. Let it cool for about 20 mins or so. It is easier to slice them when they become firmer after they are cool.
12. You can eat it without panfrying them. But I prefer them crispy so I had them panfried. Dip in chili sauce and voila!

DH - GOOD!! Can fight dim sum's restaurant's rice flour cake!
Me - Not bad for first time trial but I think it would be much better if the batter is firmer. Next round, I will cut down on the water for the batter.
Isabelle - mam mam .. mam mam... please give me...


chai said...

may i know about how many kg for the medium of the pumpkin ?

chai said...

may i know your medium size pumpkin is about how many kg ?

Catheryn @ Pink Bibs said...

Hi Chai,

I am so sorry I cant really remember but I believe it is not more than 2kg.

Hope you find this recipe easy and works for you.