Tuesday, March 22, 2011

SOS-Dry and Rough Hands!

*picture sourced from google search

I regretted that I took my once so smooth, soft & dainty hands for granted. Being a mom, a cook, a cleaner and a clean freak contributed a lot to my now dry and rough hands. I thought with a faithful washing machine for the laundry, a kind and helpful DH to do the dishes, I would be spared from this painful ugly outcome. But I was so so so wrong. Regular hand wash - CULPRIT. After each diaper change, before feeding Isabelle, cleaning up as I prepare for my cooking and I can't tolerate sink full of potato skins and what nots (they drive my insane!). Not forgetting, I do cook when she is awake and that means I multitask, cooking and watching her at the same time which results to more washing of my hands.

If you know of any proven good home remedy to cure dry and rough hands, please do share with me. I am hoping and praying hard that I will see my once soft hands again, soon. Thank you! :)

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