Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Trip to Genting Highlands

We decided to make a trip to Genting Highlands and it has been a good 6 years since we last been there. And yes, it is only like 1.5 hours drive from home. Now that Isabelle has reached the age of knowing how and want to have some good time, we thought it would be fun to bring her up there to enjoy some cool air, away from the hot weather here and of course, the themepark! Plus it was also our 4 years and 5 months (53 months!) wedding anniversary!

Packed and left home at 10.30am. Isabelle pretend to sleep (I don't know why) and only want to 'sleep' in my arms and not in her seat. We guessed it was the slightly windy road, made her felt uncomfortable and she feels better having me carry her.

Reached the top of the hills at about 12pm. Checked into Hotel Themepark. Despite some negative reviews about this hotel (check-in process, rooms, service etc), I was surprised and glad that it was very much the other way round for me! It took us less than 5 minutes to check-in and the room was immaculately clean and trendy. Nothing major to complain. Worth the value and not too bad for a 3-star hotel. Our room window faces the valley and also the beautiful view of KL city.
As usual, the little boss checking out every corner of the room. She even flip the curtain in & out.

Isabelle : Bag... bag....

View from room

After a light lunch in the room, we adjourned to the themepark. Tried to get Isabelle on some of the kid rides and no, she rejected all of them. So we just took a stroll, click away some pictures for the album. Then head for late lunch and then back to the room.

Daddy warming Isabelle up for her rides

Fish feeding

I took a good solid 2 hours nap with Isabelle while DH read the papers and watch TV (I think he caught a short nap too). Was so tired I just dozed off the moment my head hit the pillows. Had a late night before that.

Relaxed a little in the room after we woke up, feeling recharged. And we hit the themepark again. This time, Isabelle agreed to go on her rides! And after a few rounds of kid rides, yours truly got so bored that I went on a roller coaster ride, all by myself. DH and Isabelle watched from below. I love the thrill and shouting out all my stress was so therapeutic!! Being in Genting and no roller coaster ride is as incomplete as to some, being in Genting and not trying their luck in the casino!

Monorail ride

Fountain - Outdoor theme park entrance

Dinner - Vietnam House
Grilled pork chop rice, Seafood yee mee, Fried spring roll and icecream in coconut

Entertainment after dinner

After a few rounds of rides, we decided we had to hunt for dinner. We were just so spoilt by the many choices. We settled for Vietnam House. The bridge at its entrance was attractive enough to lure us in. I had rice with grilled pork chop and the chili fish sauce was so yummy! DH had yee mee with seafood. So so. We had icecream in coconut for dessert. And Isabelle was the happiest with the icecream!

We resume our rides after dinner. Good to walk around and burn off the calories!

Returned to the room, cleaned up and got Isabelle ready for bed. She must have been exhausted that it didn't took her long to fall asleep.

Got up the next morning at 9.30am and rushed to get ready because the breakfast buffet closes at 10.30am.

Took a walk at the garden outside the hotel and then head back to pack our bags and bid goodbye to the land of cool air and lots of fun.

Job done. Time for a break


I'm a full-time mummy said...

Glad you guys enjoyed the trip! :)

Catheryn @ PinkBibs said...

Yes. we did ! :) Thanks! :)

LittleLamb said...

She has grown..and looks tall to me.

I used to like going to Genting..but after x round of team building..i cannot bring myself to that place anymore. I m bored. Glad u went on the roller coaster to release the stress..ehehhehehe

Catheryn @ PinkBibs said...

Hi L.Lamb!

I was bored too with all the kiddo rides! Was almost falling asleep. The roller coaster was fun and worth it all. Other than the cooler air, it was a joy to see my little one having fun.