Sunday, March 6, 2011

Our Weekend

Weekend... can't get enough of it!

What did you do over the weekend?

As usual, DH & I stayed up extra late to catch up on movies on Friday & Saturday night. A luxury for us as we don't get to that on weekdays. Managed to finish 'Little Fockers'. Great & sensible comedy. I miss watching movies in theater! But again, it is the company that matters, not the ambience.

On Saturday evening, we attended a friend's son's 2nd birthday party. Isabelle had a time of her life playing to her content with Aarica and Mikhail. For a kid's birthday party, you would expect the party to be filled with kids but you would be disappointed because there were only 3 of them. The rest were adults which explains why there were more food & drinks appropriate for adults than kids! Wine, vodka and rosé. All that sound like music to me!

While the daddies catch up on their manly gossip (and I wonder what they gossiped about), the mummies and ladies had a mini party by themselves. Feasted on the beverages and food and shared about each other's life, culture because we have everyone coming from different countries and GOSSIPS (what is party without it)! There were Raksha an Australian Indian, Diane the very happening Vietnamese American married to a local, Ching An & Louise both Taiwanese and yours truly, the pure Malaysian Chinese. Talk about 1Malaysia... this is even better!

Good times usually fly by very quickly. Isabelle happily said goodbye to us (and not to the host & family) when we told her we had to call it a day! But she was a very cooperative little girl, after a little coaxing, we had her out of the house with no fuss at all.

I am still waiting for pictures from Raksha's camera as I totally forgot to bring mine along because we left home in a hurry. So for now, I only have these 2 very cute picture of the 3 little angels to share with you.

With Mikhail, the birthday boy

From left: Mikhail, Aarica & my little sweetheart Isabelle

Picture taken during Sunday lunch at Jack's Place after service at church.
I love the blissful expression on Daddy and Isabelle's face.

That pretty much wrapped up the weekend. And I am counting moments to the next one in 5 days' time!

Wishing you a great and lovely week ahead =D

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