Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Progress of Our 22 month old Isabelle

General Words/People/Names/Animals/Objects/Body parts etc





Crocodile ~ Co Co Dull

Sorry ~ So Weee

Thank You






Take out

Fall down

Give me please

Give you

Go down

Go out

Come out


Octopus ~ Oc-toe-past



Swimming ~ Shermain (sounds like a name!)

Swimming Pool ~ Shermain pool

Mikhail ~ Kyle




Audrey ~ Awe Lee =D

Short Sentence ~ Mama come out, Papa go out let's go, I put back, What is { object }, This is { object }

Numbers ~ One, Two, Three (Tee), Four, Five, Six, Seven (Salmon), Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven (ee leh men), Twelve (twelfff), Thirteen, Fourteen

Alphabets ~ A thru Z

Favourite Music/Songs (Able to sing the whole song/chorus/part of the song/hum the whole song)

ABC Song ~ She can now sing the whole song! :)

Ke Ren Lai (Mandarin song) ~ She can now sing the whole song too! :)

You & Me (by Olivia Ong) ~ One of her favourite non-children song and can even sing the chorus

Jesus Love Me ~ Whole song!

My God is So Big ~ Chorus

Jingle Bell ~ Chorus

She can even invent her own song by filling in the tune of ABC song with other words spontaneously.

Hobbies/Motor Skills/Physical Activities

- Walking up the stairs (without assistance but with close monitoring)

- Walking down the stairs (without assistance but with close monitoring)

- Loves to arrange objects/toys (that includes chairs and some of my kitchen stuffs) according to size, shapes and color.

- Loves to build towers and blocks

- Likes to talk on the phone

- Very good memory, likes and can remember her routine specially bath times.

- Likes to tickle us and laugh very loudly :)

- Painting with water colors

- Likes to help take out and put on her clothes

- Enjoy pretends to feed her dolls and bears, and sometimes check if they poo-ed.

- Can balance on 1 foot and jump with both legs

- Can name her friends by name (Mikhail - Kyle, Aarika, Shawn, Jude, Manfred - Man, Audrey - Awe Lee)


Sleep ~ Isabelle learn to fall asleep by herself since she was 5 months old (no rocking or patting) and it has been a good 17 months!

Potty Training ~ This is an on & off progress. We have been trying to train her for the past week with a few successes and countless accidents. I am trying not to give up and at the same time, not wanting to push her too hard and create fear in her. So will take this one day at a time.

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