Monday, September 20, 2010

Till I See Them Again

It is always exciting to have my parents in town and boy, I was so happy to have them here during the last weekend. Although as usual, it was tiring to go places with them but it is worth every ounce of the exhaustion.

Each time they visit us, 24 hours a day just don't seem enough. This visit was nothing exceptional. We went shopping, visited some relatives and had 2 birthday parties to attend.

They went home yesterday evening and as usual, the cry baby in me came to live every time they leave.

One busy and fun filled long weekend ended and another long week ahead to survive. I am counting the days and weeks till I see them again.

Here are some photos of Isabelle having lots of fun, taken last week.

Enjoying the comfortable bed in a hotel when we visited my cousin from Singapore who was in town during her business trip to KL.

Cute baby for sale in Ikea! Any takers?

My little precious looking very serious

Getting creative with her 'toys'

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