Friday, September 24, 2010

Is SAHM/Housewife An Occupation/job?

I have recently read in several blogs and heard friends debating about how SAHM should be categorised. Some argued that SAHM/housewife should not be recognised as a job just because well, SAHM stays at home 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. While some thinks otherwise.

As a SAHM myself who had a 9-5 job previously, I would say both are considered an occupation. It is hard to deny that SAHM is not a job. In fact, it is a true full time job at home, where she don't get to clock in at 9, clock out at 5 and gets her off day on weekends. Of course, working moms are equally challenging where they had to fight all the crazy end of the day traffic and rush home to their kids and stay busy till midnight leaving little time for themselves (lucky are those who have helpers).

But the point here, a housewife aka SAHM, IS an occupation. Because if it is not, then you would not have seen 'HOUSEWIFE' being listed as one of the options under the occupation category when you feel in application forms of any sort.

When one perceives a housewife as jobless, correction. A housewife is payless job.

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