Thursday, September 23, 2010

Baby Tools

Just want to keep the memory of the few items we used for Isabelle since her birthday.

Mustela Baby Bath
A friend residing in France sent me 8 bottles of this and I am very grateful because it costs as much as RM65 per bottle here. A bottle of this would be equivalent to 4 bottles of J&J baby bath. I had no particular reason to use this brand but since it is good and I have supply to last at least till Isabelle's 2nd birthday, I am a happy Mustela baby's mummy. It smells clean and not too perfumey.

Mustela Non-Rinse Cleansing Fluid
I also got 2 bottle of this together with the 8 bottles of Mustela Baby Bath. And yes, I am also very very extremely grateful for this too. I don't use it exclusively to clean up Isabelle. Most of the times, I clean her up with water and I save this precious fluid for really desperado times aka very super soiled diaper change session. And occasionally, I do steal it to clean table surfaces.

Yu Yee Oil
I am really sure of this one's effect but I used it because old folks says it helps to keep colic away. So, again, we have been using Yu Yee Oil for Isabelle specially after bath or when weather is cool. We have not replenish this item yet since we finished the last drop. Note the empty bottle and torn label.

Bepanthen Rash Cream
I started to use Bepanthen when I was breastfeeding during the first few months after Isabelle arrived and was using another anti diaper rash cream for her. But I found Bepanthen to be very good and effective. Thus, the switch.

Pigeon Baby Wipes (love that it is unscented & non-alcohol)
Yes, I know I am not as green as I should be a (we are cloth diapering Isabelle *self comfort*). But as we are planning to potty train her very soon, so with that, we hope we can get rid of baby wipes too. And whenever we are home, we try to minimise the use of baby wipes and uses water instead.

Cetaphil Moisturising Lotion
Pediatrician prescribed Isabelle this for her dry skin when she was about 2 months old. And this is our 3rd bottle of good old faithful drugstore brand Cetaphil at home :)

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