Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Household Treasure

Here are some household items I find useful, saves money, environmental friendly and does the job as good as commercial ones.

Old Toothpaste
I saved old toothpaste and those from hotel amenities to clean the sink, faucets & fridge. Love the fresh minty smell afterwards!

Pandan Leaves (Screwpine)
Removes odour from cabinets, cars, wardrobes & any storage spaces. It also keeps ants, lizards & cockroaches away!

I have never tried this but it is said that empty eggshells scare lizards away too.

Uncooked Oil
Smear it over affected area immediately if anyone at home gets scalded by hot water.

Baby Powder
Sprinkle some on oil stained area on clothes before washing with detergent.

Lemony Dishwashing Liquid
A few drops of it in a white plate, filled with water. Mosquitoes somehow is attracted to it and drop dead shortly after drinking the cocktail and usually within 10 feet of the plate. I have not personally tried this though.

Soaked or dip cloth with vinegar and wipe over counter and kitchen tops.

Since I found bleach, I hardly clean our toilets bowls with commercial ones. And it saves me from lots of scrubbing. Just pour bleach around the toilet bowl and leave it preferably, overnight.

I love how my mirrors look after cleaning them with newspaper! Clean mirrors with soapy water and rinse with water. Then use newspaper to wipe it dry for crystal clear mirror :)

Look forward to share some more when I discover anything new and if you have any useful tips to share, I hope to hear from you too :)

Happy cleaning!

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