Monday, October 25, 2010

Cooking ~ Blackbean Chicken with Bittergourd

I love my Mom's dishes and I am glad I learn a few of her recipe. Each time I make them, it brings me home, close to Mummy :)

Today, I made Blackbean chicken with bittergourd. Can't wait to have my food critics home to taste it.

1. Chicken drumsticks (marinate preferably overnight with oyster sauce, chinese cooking wine & pepper)
2. 2 tsp of blackbean
3. Bittergourd (sliced into prefered sizes)
4. Ginger (sliced or cut into strips)
5. Chopped garlic
6. Chopped shallots

For sauce:
1. Oyster sauce
2. Dark soy sauce for color (optional)
3. Sugar
4. Pepper

The Ingredients
I did not get to take picture of the sauces.

Black Bean from Gulong brand that I used

1. Saute chopped garlic, shallots and ginger in oil till fragrant and soft
2. Add in blackbean and saute for few seconds
3. Add in marinated chicken and fry till chicken is slightly golden on its skin
4. Add in sliced bittergourd
5. Add in sauce and water. Simmer for about 10 minutes or till chicken is tender
6. Done.

1. Shallots, garlic and ginger sauted till fragrant & soft. Add in black bean (Oops, I missed taking picture of this step)
2. Add in chicken and fry till golden

1. Add in bittergourd
2. Add in sauce and water. Simmer away.

Tips: To make the bitterness of the gourd more subtle, slice them up and marinate it with generous amount of salt. Toss to coat it evenly and leave it aside for 30 mins. Clean them up with water and drain them dry.


Ruth said...

looks yummy!! i love bittergourd...:)

Catheryn @ PinkBibs said...

Hey Ruth!

Yes. Bittergourd is such a divinely great vegie!

You have a sweet week ya!

I'm a full-time mummy said...

Yikes... sorry ya, not a vege fan... ;P

Other than that, yeay, I'm seeing more pictures of the process and ingredients now. Keep it up! :)

Catheryn @ PinkBibs said...

Jenny oh Jenny..

Greens are good for you and you have to be good role model for Benpire. :) Go green!

Thank you for your support and I hope I can continue this picture & process thing. It is A LOT of work to do that while having to monitor my little boss while I try to finish my cooking as fast as I can. :) But it is a good try I believe. Good pat on my own shoulder ;)