Thursday, October 7, 2010

God Made Me Another Year Older Today

Happy Birthday to me!

Woke up on this special day to my little Isabelle humming away her Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Then, a hug and kiss from DH. And knowing I need not hurry off to finish any chores like any other day... heavenly. Then a text message came in and it was from Dad. Dad is a man of little text messages yet he never failed to do so on my birthday every year since the invention of SMS. And every year when I receive it from him, I go all teary and emo. :) Then, I adjourned to sending a thank you message to Mom and she replied me and I go all teary again. Somehow, birthdays are meant to be emotional.

Then, DH took Isabelle and told me he wanted to go down to the minimarket and get newspaper. Nothing sounds fishy here. Then they came back with a present (DH hid in the car) for me :) It was a present and a lovely card from Isabelle (with Daddy's handwriting). The present was a white tee from Isabelle. I have complained to DH several times that I have run out of tees to wear during my 'working hours'. So this gift was just perfect. :)

No special agenda and no extravagant celebration. We are just going to go out for lunch and just spend time roaming the shopping centre. Shopping always sounds like music to my ears.

We had wanted to start the day early but since DH had to attend to few urgent calls and emails before we leave for my birthday excursion, I slowly made my coffee and enjoyed my breakfast at home while we wait for him.

Ready to go

Reached The Gardens just in time for lunch. I have mentioned to DH few times I wanted to try the food at Kyung Joo Korean Restaurant but I changed my mind and opted to lunch at Yogitree instead. I have seen in some blogs reviewing about their desserts and it made me drool each time I look at the photos they shared. The crowd in the restaurant was busy but we were so blessed that we managed to get a secluded corner at the mezzanine floor all to ourselves. It was good because if Isabelle were to be cranky, it will not disturb the other patrons.

Yogitree Restaurant (The Gardens). This restaurant serves healthy organic food with no additives

Here are the yummylicious food we had:

Ribeye steak

Rice with fish curry served with ulam & sambal


Coffee & Eastern Surprise

Pineapple Upside Down Cake with icrecream

Apple pie with icecream

After lunch, we took a stroll and Isabelle fell asleep for her afternoon nap. The latest LV flagship store just opened in The Gardens last weekend and I couldn't resist but to walk in and take a peep at all the goodies. DH asked me if I wanted to get one. I was so delighted and tempted to say yes but I don't really need such a luxury bag right now. The bags in my closet will last me another 2 decades at least and with proper care, I can pass it down to Isabelle.

We headed home when Isabelle woke up. It is still early to leave but I did not want to get caught in the mad after 5 traffic. The rain would not make the traffic smoother either. c

That was not how my birthday ended. DS came back from work in the evening with a big cake in banana chocolate flavour for me!

Isabelle in action and caught :)

There... my birthday.... nowhere near to a grand celebration. Just a day spent with loved ones and receiving all the lovely messages from friends near and far. Nothing beats that.

And I will be redeeming a birthday present from DH this coming Saturday... a facial and a whole body massage and well deserved time off! Counting my moments to that!

P/S: Very lengthy post I know but this day is so special and I didn't want to miss out any single important details :)


I'm a full-time mummy said...

Wah so nice! Enjoy your birthday treat this Saturday la! :)

Catheryn @ PinkBibs said...

Thank u. Yes, I sure will enjoy the treat and time off!

LittleLamb said...

Happy Birthday Once again :)
God bless you.