Monday, October 25, 2010

What Did You Do Over The Weekend?

Some enjoy their weekends slow and just being at home maybe catch up on some good snoozing. Some like it adventurous and some, rejuvenate via the glorious retail therapy. What about you?

We did the norm. Slept in and Isabelle was a good girl not to wake us up before we were ready to. She was awake before us and she played with her soft toys and with the pyjamas I was wearing while waited for us to open our eyes. Went out for lunch and visited a few lighting shops to feed my hunger for a new set of lightings for our home. Found nothing and my hunt will continue.

Attended Sunday school on Sunday morning with Isabelle and here's the interesting part... look at the picture below :)

Isabelle meets Isabelle, in the exact same dress

Both mummies started clicking away with our mobile cameras when we saw our Isabelles wearing the same sailor dress. Something we don't encounter often. :)

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