Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Weather Gone Haywire

Started to sweat away profusely while doing some light house chores this morning. And it was only 9am! The weather is becoming unbearably and bitterly hot.

My heart goes out to those who had to work under the sun all day long. The construction workers, open air food stall operators, road cleaners, students in the school in un-airconditioned classrooms and just about anyone who had to spend the hottest part of the day outside.

Gone were the days when we can survive and sleep with just a table fan and we can still doze if there is electricity disruption. How would the weather mutate in another say 5 years down the road? I fear for our children and next generation(s).

With weather like this, I thank God for the intelligent invention of aircond and yet we have to remind ourselves to be moderate of the usage of it. Mother Earth needs a lot of TLC right now and the last thing we should do is go full blast on aircond, throughout the day.

Just my 2 green cents worth.


I'm a full-time mummy said...

Eh.. isn't it supposed to be "the last thing we should do is go full blast on aircond, throughout the day. " instead of your statement "the last thing we should not do is go full blast on aircond, throughout the day."

Is it the weather or is my English getting worse??

Catheryn @ PinkBibs said...


No... it is the weather getting worse and causing my English go haywire!

Sarah C. said...

Yeah the weather is unbearable even at night when it suppose to be slightly cooler.

I have tried my level best not to on my air-con cause i know many people are doing it and i do not want 'mother Earth' to work extra hard during the 'hot' weather.

Beside the ceiling fan, i have also manually 'hand fan' Megan to sleep at night. And it helps two ways, i can exercise my arms so that my muscle is a bit toned up and second way is Megan gets to sleep peacefully without tossing and turning to get to sleep.

Hehe....i hope 'Mother Earth' is proud of me!

Catheryn @ PinkBibs said...

Hey Sarah!

I believe it is not totally unright to use the aircond, after all that is what aircond is made for... to cool down the heat. But for me, it is about not overdoing it. Our practise is only to switch it on for about an hour in the afternoon for Belle to nap because our room faces the afternoon sun so it gets quite warm . At night, we switch it on timer till about 3am and then the ceiling fan goes on.

Yes, I am sure Mother Earth would be really proud of you. You are really doing a great job! Thumbs up for you :)