Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Our Family Getaway

Day 1
Thank God that we have some place cooler to escape from the heat. And this time, our family getaway destination was none other than Cameron Highlands. This is the umpteenth time we visited this place yet it still excites me.

We met up with my parents coming from the northen region in Tapah for lunch and then adjourned for the most dreadful part of the trip... going up hill. Why did I said it is dreadful is because I am a pititful person with miserable motion sickness. I wasn't alone because DH was having sinus and not feeling well too. Poor DH.

We stopped at the Lata Iskandar Waterfalls because Isabelle has never seen a waterfall before. And I needed a break as well. The 40 minutes drive up the hill felt like 40 days!

Isabelle went bonkers when she saw this banana kiosk. Talk about banana powers!

Reached the top of the hill and I was the happiest person. Not only because I can put away the plastic bag (for some unsightly output), but also because the weather was cooler!

After checking into the 3 room apartment, we started preparing for the steamboat dinner while my brother and my sister in law went to get some fresh greens from the market.

After dinner was the highlight of the whole trip... Dad's birthday. There was no birthday cake but birthday blueberry muffins! Yes, I made them. :) We hid it in the fridge and it was meant to be a surprise. So we surprised Dad with me walking into the hall with the lited up muffins and Dad looked delighted.

We then headed off to the night market. Seems that a trip to Cameron Highlands is not complete without visiting the night market and having steamboat. We must find something new to do for our future trips.

By the end of the day, everyone was tired and our initial plan to play some games was called off.

Off to a cool la la land!

Day 2
Went for breakfast at the usual cafe (Cafe Excellent). Well, it wasn't a cafe actually. It looks more like a stall in a food court. But the food was delicious and many varieties to choose from. I had my nasi lemak and coffee. DH had chicken curry rice. We had some side orders namely french toast and american breakfast.

Visited the Chefoo Methodist Guest House because we wanted to see the new version of it after renovation. There was a big field and basketball court in the compound. Isabelle had so much fun playing and running around.

Headed off to Kea Market to grab some local produce. And then lunch. Then Isabelle needed her nap so we all head back to the apartment.

Dinner time again! We had tomyam steamboat because we could not finish the food on the first night so we had to continue the steamboat adventure.

Day 3
Dad and Mom had to leave early. Isabelle woke up in time to bid goodbye to Ah Kong and Ah Ma. I swear I saw their eyes watery when they kissed her goodbye. :)

Me, DH, DS and bf packed and left for brunch at T Cafe, famous for its scones. A picture paints a thousand words. Scroll below to see the delicious brunch we had.

Strawberry cheesecake and cream scones

American breakfast with home made hash browns & apple pie with ice cream

Coffee that makes the brunch complete and blissful

Then another dreadful episode of the trip to fight. I had faith in the anti motion sickness pill but it didn't work for me. About half way down the hill, it attacked me.

Despite all that, it was a good trip because nothing beats a warm reunion with our loved ones plus all the good food.

Looking forward to another trip, hopefully soon.


I'm a full-time mummy said...

Glad to read your happy trip! Eh come and check out my scones recipe! :)

Catheryn @ PinkBibs said...


Already read your scones recipe earlier this afternoon and about to give you a big clap for being so adventurous! :)