Friday, July 8, 2011

Dessert ~ Lychee Mint Drink

I have almost half bunch of fresh mint in the fridge, left over from yesterday's curry mee adventure. And also I had balance of canned lychee from making lychee yoghurt popsicle last few days. What's more fun than to use both of these ingredients to make a drink?

Some recipes calls for blending method. I am lazy to clean up extra tools so I just mix everything in the glass.

Ingredients (for 1 glass):
1. 1/2 glass of Soda (I used ice-cream Soda)
2. 2-3 tsp of lychee juice from the can
3. 3-4 pc of lyhcee
4. 6-8 mint leaves (slightly pounded) and keep a few for garnishing
5. 2 tsp of lemon juice
6. Ice cubes

1. Mix ingredients 1-5 together. Stir well.
2. Add ice cubes.
3. Garnish with a few mint leaves.

DH - Refreshing!
Isabelle - More!!


mom2kiddos said...

I don't need to taste it also I know refreshing!

Catheryn @ PinkBibs said...

Haha... aiyah.. anything with mint and ice spells F R E S H lor hoh? :)