Saturday, July 9, 2011

Our Sleeping Child

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Since we move into our new home, Isabelle graduated to her own bed but still in the same room as us. And still sleeping right next to me, undivided by any crib or railings (I have shared in my older post about our effort to try to put our co-sleeping to a stop). This too allows DH to finally migrate back to our bed and off the mattress on the floor. DH has been sleeping on another mattress so that Isabelle and I could have the whole bed to ourselves. And I have been sleeping in guilt for the past 23 months! Sorry my dear for what we put through and thank you so much for your unconditional love and sacrifice. Really appreciate it and glad that you don't have to endure the 'nightmare' anymore. :)

Isabelle's transition from co-sleeping with me on my bed to her own bed was smooth and she took it in real well. I still remember the first few nights, when we tested her and ask if she want to sleep with us on our bed, she just waved goodnight to us (ignored our question) and walk straight to her bed, climb in and tuck herself in.

From then on, she made real good friends with her bed. Some mornings, I would wake up to her singing to the ducks and sheeps cartoons on her sheets and pillows. Music to my ears and heart. And on some nights, she would (maybe unconsciously) snuggle into our bed. I like having her next to me but unfortunately, our little 5 ft width bed cannot accommodate 3 of us through the night.

*picture sourced from google search

But on top of all that, this is working well for us. Isabelle gets her own space. I don't get bruises and all from her kicks (kidding! But she does really turn 360 degrees and kicks A LOT). DH gets to sleep on a real bed. Most importantly, I have my two babies right next to me.

I won't rush into training her to sleep in her own room just yet, until she is ready to. Co-sleeping, sleeping in the same room, the need for us to tuck her into bed, diapers, these are signs of their neediness and reliability on us. All these will diminish as they grow up. I want to cherish these little things as long as I can, for, as they grow older, they will need us less and less and these will be just memories.


I'm a full-time mummy said...

Yup, yup! Slow and steady wins the race! No need to rush.

I'm still pondering on our sleeping positions - need to think of putting Ben and Spicy Baby on my sides so that both can nurse (if Ben can go for tandem nursing).

I'm also considering moving Ben's bunk bed from his playroom to our room so that it could be his own bed. See how it goes 1st hmmmm...

mom2kiddos said...

That's great to hear! And so funny about getting kicked - coz my girl does it to me too! My hubby has been sleeping on the floor with my son since my girl came. I sleep with her on the bed and all of us in the same room - Yay for co-sleeping!

Catheryn @ PinkBibs said...

Jenny - Moving Ben's bed and place it next to your bed is a good idea. More space for everyone and at the same time, Ben will get used to having his own bed.

Germaine - Cheers to cosleeping! So, you got kena blue-black ar? Hehe! Arent hubs like ours gift from God?

LittleLamb said...

Congrats on this new milestone. Yes readiness is the key. If she is not keen, nothing should be forced. :)

Hv a great new week ahead.

Catheryn @ PinkBibs said...

THank you Rachel! :)

Yes, readiness is the key and I am actually not ready too to 'let her go'.