Monday, June 14, 2010

Cleanaholic or therapy?

I cannot sit and relax when I know the dishes are still lying pitifully in the sink. Or when I know the clothes on the line in my drying yard is waiting to be collected, folded and kept. Or.. when I remember that the bathroom's wall is bejewelled with grimes and water stains from last week that I need to scrub off almost immediately.

No, I am not a spic & span freak neither am I a cleanaholic. But being in a clean and calm home, minus the mess and clutter is a luxury to me. And I won't be able to be in peace of mind until I know for sure I have done what I should do.

It has been my habit (even more so now with a toddler around) to sweep the floor before I retire to bed every night. And on the next morning, I will start the day by giving the floor a good going over *again* if I manage to rise before Isabelle does.

DH always seem puzzled that I often go to bed pass my bedtime or how is it that I always have something to do around the house. I had to explain to him repeatedly that not only I cannot go to bed knowing things are done and in place. It is also important that I know that the home is clean and safe for Isabelle to play and roam freely the moment she wakes up the next morning.

With a medium sized basket in the hall, I can conveniently chuck in all Isabelle's toys whenever she is done playing. A sight of toys (or anything else) scattered around the floor is not one of my favourite things. Period.

However, that does not mean I put my preference of having a tidy home on top of Isabelle and my precious family. They still come first and I do not give my 2nd best when it comes to them.

Having a system in all that I do also somehow helps in someway. But I do always remind myself that I cannot naively, selfishly or stubbornly expect the rest to follow my way.

It is not easy to keep the place clean and in order when there is more than just me living here. A one year old happy toddler, my DH and my DS. They do help out once a week. DH takes up few smaller daily chores to help lighten my burden on housework. I try to be reasonable as much as I could. The key here is to be as organised as possible so that I don't drive myself up the wall. Not forgetting, to be as forgiving as I can.

So there... I believe I am not a cleanaholic but am not a slob either.

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